Tough final phase of the exploratory talks between the union and the spd

At the end of their exploratory talks on a new government, the CDU/CSU and SPD still have the most difficult issues ahead of them.

At the end of the fourth day of negotiations, michael grosse-bromer (CDU), parliamentary secretary of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, said that there were still "some big boulders" to be cleared away. It’s all about the "heartfelt issues" now, she said. Among other things, the union and SPD found a common position on the weed poison glyphosate, which had caused massive trouble in the previous grand coalition. But all results will only be sealed at the end of the negotiations.

Twelve z celebrities, two weeks and a show house

And just when you think you can't get any lower, a new reality documentary comes on sat from somewhere.1. You can't help but get this impression when you watch the defilage of pseudo celebrities moving into the container one by one with their suitcases. It looks a bit like a mixture of barbie house and antique store with an extra rough touch of plush.

There is miss mini-playback-show marijke amado, who first goes through the magic ball herself and then moves into a kind of pigsty as a lady gaga-impersonator – no, not into the house but into a kind of pigsty, where she is first allowed to freeze and observe the happenings from a distance. By the way, accompanied by her dog. There is percival, ex-voice of germany-candidate, who emphasizes his sexual openness and is only afraid that his "willy falls out of his bathing suit while showering".

fdp politician warms to planned main center in knetzgau

FDP member of the bundestag andrew ullmann visited the town hall in knetzgau. Mayor stefan paulus (SPD/CWG) wrote to various members of parliament asking for support for the main information center (MIZ), which is to be built in knetzgau.

At a meeting attended by second mayor bernhard jilke (FDP/FB) and councillor udo vogt (FDP/FB), ullmann was informed about the MIZ, which paulus presented to him in detail. The guest from wurzburg spoke of a sensible project that effectively strengthens the main region from his point of view. The politician explained that it was necessary to work together on the project, especially on joint financing.

Peter rosch triumphs

"I am really satisfied", rosi bodner, chairwoman of the "tell neudrossenfeld" association, was pleased at the prize-giving ceremony for the burgershoot and the crowning of the new burger king at the inn werner.

73 participants from 21 teams, including a youth team, took up the rifle to hit the bull's eye.

The alphorn is a wooden trumpet up to four meters long, which is very popular in the alpine countries. Most of the time she served the shepherds to communicate over miles and miles of distance. Alphorn in the rhon? The alphorn was also widespread in the low mountain ranges in past centuries. But as is so often the case, some things are forgotten with modernity. When ingrid schubert from geroda learned to love the sound of alphorns during a vacation in 1993, she brought three of these giant instruments with her to rhon. Together with friends she founded the "rhoner alphornblaser and made this instrument popular again in this country. With the "rhon alphorn fair" in the evangelic church in geroda she put on her efforts a small sign.

"Alphorn fairs are more common elsewhere, but not yet in the rhon", she explains. "Because the alphorn is becoming more and more popular here in rhon, i thought it would be something for us." It found a way out with the gauaschach composer erich weber. At the suggestion of ingrid schubert, weber had already composed various pieces for the christmas concert of the "rhoner alphornblaser" composed. For him it was a challenge to compose new melodies for alphorns, which are suitable for the performance at church services. Spiritual texts were added by erich weber to match the respective title, which can be incorporated into the service independently of the liturgical process. Because the texts are ocumenical, this mass was suitable for both catholic and protestant masses and word services. The composer succeeded with his melodies and texts, because they reflect a down-to-earth culture and piety that went to the heart. The alternation between alphorn, organ and flugelhorn duo made the mass so appealing.

At the invitation of mayor gerhard wunder, municipal councilors, administrative staff and some of the citizens involved in the process came together for a retreat at wagners hotel together. The aim was to discuss the future development of the market town of steinwiesen away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and to discuss specific objectives. The central topics "housing supply", which had been worked out for the development of the coarse municipality of steinwiesen, were the following, "tourism development and "strengthening active cooperation the focus was on.
"The community of steinwiesen has a lot to offer." With these words rainer kober introduced the event. Since the beginning of 2017, the local entrepreneur and chairman of kronach creativ e.V. Together with project manager margarita volk-lovrinovic as part of the "municipal marketing" model project the community of steinwiesen on its development path. Since then, the community leadership and those responsible for the project have intensively dealt with the strengths and challenges, as well as the potentials and objectives.
The market town of steinwiesen is particularly appealing because of its scenic location. With over 20,000 overnight stays per year, steinwiesen is one of the leading tourist destinations in the franconian forest. For this very reason, all participants of the retreat agreed that the demand for tourism development must become even more important in the future. "For this, attractive and demand-oriented vacation homes and recreational offers tailored to the guest are necessary", explained sandra heinz from the tourist information upper rodach valley. "It is important that advertised offers, such as the carriage rides, take place even if the number of participants is low," he laughs, emphasized heinz.
In addition to the development of tourism, another focus of the discussion was the current housing situation. "In order to make neudrossenfeld even more attractive as a place to move to, we need high-quality living space!", it was agreed. "Where you live today is no longer necessarily dependent on where you work. New technologies make it possible to work from the comfort of your own home, added nicole burger.
The community of steinwiesen, with its social facilities, needs-oriented care and education offerings, varied restaurants and, above all, an active club culture, is a good place to live. "A lot has already been achieved in the past few years. We can be proud of the positive steps we have taken in our development. It’s important that we carry our strength to the outside and pull together!", mayor wunder appealed to the participants. Jurgen eckert concluded: "you have to take small steps to reach the big goal"." The course of the retreat was accompanied and strikingly recorded by ulrike mahr in the form of a visual live documentation ("graphic recording"). All interested citizens can inform themselves in this way about the development process. The posters are exhibited in the "gerberhaus" in stone meadows.

City council has set its sights high

The kitzingen city council will have to hold its horses when it meets on thursday from 17:00 onwards.45 o’clock wants to manage its extensive agenda.

The range of topics is enormous. Here are some points that have long been on the agenda.

Things are getting even tighter in the Wirmsthal needle ear

According to information from the district office in bad kissingen, increased road traffic is expected in wirmsthal in may due to a construction site on KG 4 (above ramsthal). The problem of the needle's ear through the village was then allowed to become even worse.
The fact that this local thoroughfare was a problem, especially for farmers, had already become clear to the municipal councils of the market town of euerdorf in one of the previous meetings. Then gerhard buttner, the operator of the resettlement farm, pointed out how cramped it was there sometimes. "With my three meter wide tractor-trailer it is often adventurous between the parked cars", buttner made clear.

Parking prohibited during harvest time?
If he wants to drive from his farm below wirmsthal to his grain fields above the village, the farmer has no choice for detours. In the meantime, there are newer machines with a width of up to 3.60 meters in agriculture, says buttner. Apparently you need such rough machines to still be able to do the work economically.
That's why buttner emphatically demands: "parking ban in the entire local thoroughfare – at least during the harvesting season!". Sometimes the vehicles are parked so far away from the front of the houses that even the passenger can get out comfortably. When it gets too crowded for buttner's tractor-trailer team, he gets out and rings the bell for the driver to leave the house. "If they are old people, I have no problem. These residents then willingly drive a little to the side", describes buttner. But with new tenants he often gets a bad deal: "especially if they are foreigners who don't speak german well yet".
The local residents already observe the regular lorry traffic through its narrow passage with delivery vehicles in the direction of the landfill site. The navi(gation device had diverted them there, was the reason often heard. Vehicles weighing more than five tons were only allowed to pass through wirmsthal as suppliers for the ulsamer company. Will all truck drivers comply with the closure of KG 4 from may onwards?? – "remains to be seen how the traffic situation develops", says mayor reinhard hallhuber. In any case, he doesn't want to see the 40-ton trucks driving through the fairly new wirmsthal thoroughfare, which has been renovated at great expense. The approach for the trucks is B 287 (direction bad kissingen) or sulzthal.

"The completion of the rehabilitation work on the high reservoir in zeitlofs is a good opportunity for us to show the public a few things that otherwise tend to remain hidden", water manager matthias hauke described the idea for this information event. "And the citizen can also see exactly what is happening with his money and tax money", mayor wilhelm friedrich (CSU) explained.

The people in charge had put together an extensive and interesting program for the drinking water day, which started on sunday morning at the treatment plant near the grieshof farm. During hourly tours, hauke and his colleagues not only explained the technical equipment in the building to the visitors, but also explained how the many pipes and devices work. Whether flat-bed aerated. Single-layer filter, UV system or demand pumps – the experts provided detailed information on all the requisites.

Schlager must go on anti-aggression course

Were insight and remorse just an act to bring about a lenient sentence?? When the public prosecutor in the kitzingen district court announced the punishment she had demanded – two weeks of permanent detention, compulsory participation in anti-aggression training and, above all, a ban on alcohol – the defendant's control was almost gone. Judge wolfgang hulle had to intervene to get the young man to calm down.
He had not been able to control his emotions several times before. The last time the young man's fuses burned out was last february at the kitzingen train station. Previously he had been with several friends in a disco in wurzburg. "I drank seven beers and two cocktails in three hours", he confessed. "I was not a nuchtern".
The group got off the train in kitzingen and was just starting to move when another teenager asked the defendant's friend for a cigarette. "I perceived it as a scolding and wanted to defend my buddy", according to the 17-year-old, who admitted in the same breath that he had not yet even begun to understand the content of the speech. Instead, he didn't take long and went after the cigarette scrounger. Two punches in the face were said to have been involved, then the hitter turned away. He regretted his actions in court.

Courageous mediator