No April Fool – ITERA prices go up on 1st April


No April Fool – ITERA prices go up on 1st April

Most team entries are now in for the World Series Expedition Race we are holding in Wales in August this year. But if you’re still pondering and procrastinating, its time to jump off that fence and get your entry in, because prices will go up on 1st April.

 ITERA Expedition Race Wales 2014

Race background – Friends Tom Gibbs and James Thurlow concocted this idea back in 2011 – Tom is arguably one of the most experienced Adventure Racers in the world, including AR World Champion in 2009 – and James has organised over 100 Adventure Sports events in the UK over the past 7 years with Open Adventure. The idea of showing off the country at its finest is what motivated them to create ITERA.

ITERLatin for «journey».. and the «A» stood for little more than the ADVENTURE (where on that journey the outcomes are uncertain).

The Race

The teams will be racing the length of Wales over five days in August 2014 . The race will finish in Cardiff – and the start – you will have to wait till August in 2014 to find that out..

With a distance of over 600km for the full event it will be a big challenge to all the top teams, but one that should be achievable for ALL. With shortcuts available (approx. 300km) for the novice or slower teams we hope everyone will enjoy the drama and excitement to be found in Wales.

Good navigation is essential for the race, and you will be provided with detailed maps to follow. The race will include fell running, mountain biking, kayaking, orienteering and a few surprises taking you to those hidden gems. Attitude is everything, so be prepared for the unexpected.


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