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The 2014 edition of the Portugal XPD Race is part of the Adventure Racing European Series and every mixed team competing in the main race will get ranking points according to the ARES ranking matrix.

The winner of the series will have a Wild Card for the next year Adventure Racing European Championship.

The ADRIMAG region was chosen to welcome the best international adventure racing teams, allowing them to explore the vast potentialities of the their seven municipalities and its magnificent natural features. It will be also an opportunity to see the best national teams competing at the highest level in Adventure Racing, demonstrating their skills and their knowledge and experience in a very, very demanding territory.

The 2014 edition of the XPD race will be organised as follows:

Dates: 21st to 25th May 2014
Starting at Cinfães, 22nd May and expected arrival at Vale de Cambra, 24th May
Total estimated distance: 300 – 400 km
Length/Format: 3 days (approximately 52 hours to complete the race)/Non-Stop ARES Competition (for mixed teams) and Adventure class; with compulsory stops, Promotion and
Corporate classes
Support: Mandatory to all teams

A. Mixed competition – AR European Series

• Teams of 4 competitors
• Compulsory at least one female competitor
• Non-Stop format
• All 4 competitors always competing
• Trophies and scoring for the ARES Ranking 2014

B. Adventure class

• Teams of 2 to 4 competitors
• Non-Stop format
• In each section, at least 2 competitors should be competing, with possible relay in transition areas
• Trophies

C.Promotion class

• Teams of 2 to 5 competitors
• Mandatory stops (sports pavillion)
• In each section, at least 2 competitors
• Trophies

D.Corporate class

• Teams of 2 to 5 competitors
• Mandatory stops (hotels)
• In each section, at least 2 competitors
• Trophies

Race Location

Welcome to the Magical Mountains!

A territory that welcomes you with an open spirit and offers you “the best of two worlds” in the heart of Portugal: the essence of the North and the identity of the Center, the restless of the Coastline and the serenity of the Inland, the majesty of nature and the nobility of culture, the authenticity of tradition and the innovation of the modern, the magic of the unknown and the comfort of the hospitality.

A distinct and passionate territory that extends from the mythical river Douro to the emblematic river Vouga, in a space that elapses between the coastline to the inland. Overcome by tall and superb mountains, uncountable rivers and streams, fertile and profound valleys, rare and spectacular geological phenomena, diverse and singular species of fauna and flora, wonderful woods, outstanding monuments and beautiful villages, the destination “Magical Mountains” had been able to preserve its precious natural and cultural resources, guided by the offering of a responsible and sustainable touristic model.

Let yourself be involved by the magic of the Montemuro, Arada and Gralheira mountains and find there all that you need to live unforgettable experiences and sensations.

Magic Mountains,
a fascinating destination…
in the heart of Portugal.

Area: 168.860 hectares
Population: 126.929 habitants
Administrative division: border territory between the Northern region and the Central region of continental Portugal and between the Coastline and the Interior, spanning 7 municipals and 104 parishes.
Municipals: Arouca, Castelo de Paiva, Castro Daire, Cinfães, São Pedro do Sul, Sever do Vouga and Vale de Cambra.
Coin: euro.
Religion: manely catholic.
Official language: portuguese.
Weather: approximately 2.500 hours of sun per year.
Annual average temperature between the 7,5ºC and the 16ºC.
Negative temperatures, with frequent snowfall, in the high mountain areas.
In the valleys’ areas the weather is generally moderate, varying between the 0ºC (during the hardest period of Winter) and the 30ºC (in the Summer), becoming moderate during Autumn and Spring.

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