Suqian Luoma Lake Outdoor Challenge, Suqian, China, 2014


Suqian Luoma Outdoor Challenge is a multi sports race in teams in the physically natural sites. The total distance of the race course is 240km and non-stop. The race will be held in the Suqian city which in Zhejiang province of the South of China. The disciplines are: swimming, running, mountain biking, kayaking, orienteering, inline skating, rope skill etc. A team is composed of four racers, at least one of whom must be a woman. It is obligatory that the teams be mixed.



1. Sponsors

Chinese Mountaineering Association

The Sports Government of Jiangsu Province

People’s Government of Suqian

3. Date & Venue

Date:  September 6th—7th, 2014

Venue: Suqian, Jiangsu, China.

4. The Course

4.1 The course of the competition will be non-stop; the total race distance is about 240km.

4.2 The organizers will define the different disciplines. The disciplines listed below.

Running, mountain-biking, kayaking, orienteering, Inline skating, rope activities, etc.


6. Competition team


6.1 There will be 25 competition teams. Besides 15 Chinese teams, and 10 international teams will participation the race.


6.2 A team consists of 4 competitors. The team must be mixed. The organization committee will provide each foreign team with a Chinese liaison person.


6.3 The nationality of the team is defined by nationality of the majority of the racers or by the country of residence of the majority of racers in the team.


6.4 The team will participate using its chosen name or the name of one of its sponsors.


6.5 Teams must wear similar uniforms made up of a top and shorts/longs whenever participating on the race course.


6.6 At least 1 competitor can use the GPS for each team.


7. Requirements to be a member of a team


7.1 Each team member must:

Be at least 18 years old at start of the race.

He/she knows how to swim.

Comply with the laws and official regulations of the country in which the race takes place. The organization will not be held responsible for actions and conduct that breeches the law of the country.

Read, understand and accept the rules and regulations before the race start.

Be fully aware of the risks inherent in participating in this event upon the personal health and safety of the participant. By simply registering, the competitors acknowledge that they are aware of their physical capacities and the limits of their technical competence. They discharge the organizer of all criminal or civil lawsuits in the event of physical injury and /or damage to equipment occurring during the race.

Be fully aware that all roads and trails used on the race route are open to traffic (trucks, cars, pedestrians, etc.)


7.2 Necessary documents for each team member

Medical certificate, dating less than 3 months, certifying aptitude to practice outdoor sports (see attached model).

Each member should provide the personal photo.

All members of a team must approve and respect the anti-doping rules.


8. Competition rules

The competition will be conducted in accordance with the competition rules made by the CMA.


9. Ranking and Prize

9.1 The final results for the race will be determined by the time taken to complete all stages plus any penalties. The team that finishes all stages in the shortest time will be the winner.


9.3 The total prizes are 100, 000US $. For the first 12 teams, the trophies, certificates and prize money will be awarded. Less than 12 teams remain in the official category in the final results for the race; prize money will not be paid to unofficial teams.


9.5 Prizes List

Prizes for the overall ranking:




























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