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The story in pictures

From the 9th to the 16th of August, 36 teams of 4 took on the length of Wales as part of the ITERA Expedition Race.  We can think of fewer better ways to tell the story than with a series of photos.  Scroll down to see a little of the adventure these guys experienced.

My thanks to James Kirby, Erik Pütsep and Eddie Winthorpe LRPS for these photos.
Start 9th August – Caenarfon Castle
Stage 1 – Paddle the Menai Straits
End of Stage 1 – orienteering stage around Conwy Castle
Stage 2 MTB from Conwy to Ogwen Cottage
Middle of Stage 2 Zip World a 1750m zip line
A few of Ogwen Valley on the 1st evening.
3rd Stage – Trek over the Snowdonia Mountain Range
Stage 4 Teams paddled the Dwyrd Estuary (or maybe walked)
Stage 4 included a short orienteering stage around Porthmerion
Stage 5 a trek over Cadir Idris Mountain Range
Stage 6 was a monster MTB stage through mid wales
Stage 7 – paddling down the Wye River
Stage 7 – perhaps paddling is not the right adjective?
Stage 9 – Trek Brecon Beacons
Stage 9 – happy days.
Stage 10 – Taff Trail
The Finish – top marks to all the teams that made it to Cardiff
The next ITERA Expedition Race will in August Ireland 2016 – 2015 will be the Coast to Coast Adventure Race, from one side of England to the other.  More details here if you want to be in these photos you need to sign up to an event.No worries
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