The new website is up!!! Expedition Alaska Adventure Race



Expedition Alaska is a ultra-fun, 350+ mile, 7 days “Human Powered” multi-sport adventure race through the stunning scenery of the mountains, oceans, glaciers, lakes and wilds of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, often called “Alaska’s Playground!”

It features what many say is the finest finish line experience in the world, as well as many more extras that are above and beyond what one would find or expect in other races. Racers have said that Expedition Idaho (and now Alaska) are “the best run, best supported races ever in North America,” and we will continue this into the future… it is our goal to see that EVERY team in the race will make it to the finish on time! Yes, it will challenge the best in the world to their limits, but it will be an achievable adventure for all of those lucky enough to partake!

The race will include trekking, ocean, flat and moving water kayaking, whitewater rafting, packrafting, mountain biking, canyoneering, coasteering, ropes work and more as the athletes navigate by map and compass over some of the world’s most remote, famous and beautiful terrain.

One of the goals in our races is to connect with the regional history of the area, and for the 2015 edition, we are going to pay homage to the “original” IDITAROD TRAIL, and celebrate the spirit and history of the men and women who used it to create a lifeline to so many.




The entry fee will be $1650/racer, all inclusive.



Deposits due:

A non-refundable* $1000 deposit per team will be required to hold your spot. The balance of entry fees will be due no later than April 1, 2015.

*If your team is not selected to pariticpate, your deposit will be refunded.


This is a fantastic value for all that you will receive! What does this get you? More than any other race anywhere!

  • FOUR nights accommodation! (3 night prior to the race, 1 after)
  • Some of the most stunning scenery on earth!
  • Access to discounted airfares
  • Cool racing jerseys
  • A unique format that will allow every team to race for the entire race! (We don’t believe in “unofficial” teams, if we can help it by any means possible…)
  • Discounts on things such as your Mountain Home freeze dried meals to take out on the course…
  • A nice prize $$ pool (The winning team will also receive a free entry into a future Expedition Idaho or Alaska as well)
  • Pre and post race banquets and the accompanying parties!
  • Glacier travel and Crevasse rescue training school (Racers must arrive by June 24, as we will have Glacier School June 25 – 26)
  • SPOT tracking (trackers provided)
  • The most amazing Expedition clothing, gear and swag you will ever see at a race! (For example, our Expedition Idaho racers took home almost $400 of swag with them!)
  • Really cool, fun awards and more “awards swag!”
  • Hot food/beverages at the TAs – this is easily the best supported race ever!
  • USARA and NAARS qualifying points – this will be a regional championship for both series
  • Amazing maps
  • Guided whitewater rafting
  • Watercraft (excepting your personal packrafts)
  • The “Best Finish in the History of AR!”
  • Airport and on-course Transportation as needed
  • An experience you will remember for your entire life!
  • A copy of the official race DVD as well as a selection of photos of your team
  • …and even more!




Within certain phases, there will be substantial rope and climbing elements. You will need to have harnesses, helmets, etc as needed. You will be informed of this at the TA prior to the ropes section so that you may pack your climbing gear with you. Ascending will be required!




Segment 1: Trek/Glacier Travel – 40 miles   

Segment 2: Packraft/Trek – 16 miles

Segment 3: Ocean kayak – 30 miles

Segment 4: Trek/Packraft – 20 miles

Segment 5: Whitewater rafting (Guided): 8 miles

Segment 6: Trekking/Coasteering – 10 miles

Segment 7: Mountain biking – 45 miles

Segment 8: Flat water paddling – 30 miles

Segment 9: Trek/Glacier travel/Bike – 30 miles

Segment 10: Packraft/trek – 30 miles

Segment 11: Orienteer – 10 miles

Segment 12: Bike/Coasteer – 12 miles

Segment 13: Ocean Kayaking – 10 miles

Segment 14: Run – 3 miles



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