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The HUAIRASINCHI Explorer Adventure Racing World Championship will cross the finish line in the town of Mompiche, in the Ecuadorian province Esmeraldas, a picturesque beach in the Pacific coast.

Mompiche is known for its warm waters and because it is one of the best spots for tourism, with the presence of the Jupiter Island with white sand beaches, the Black Beach with dark, mineral-rich sands, and the Portete Island with its interesting rock formations.

Mompiche is a favorite spot for national and international vacationers with its world-renowned surfing, not only because they are the best in the country but because they have been recognized as the second best waves in the Pacific Ocean.

Mompiche’s natural beauty is complemented by its incredible gastronomy and the kindness of its people. It also has a great variety of accommodations, ranging from world-class resorts to hostels made with bamboo, as well as camping sites.

Teams will cross the finish line on the property of the Gabeal Hostería.

And the finish line will be in … Mompiche!
For more information about the lodging options in Mompiche, keep reading here.

About the AR World Championshipar world championship logo

The AR World Series unites in competition the worlds best endurance athletes at premiere Qualifier events around the globe. The top two teams at each of these races gain a coveted position on the start line of the annual pinnacle of the sport, the AR World Championship.

The AR World Championship has defined the sport of adventure racing and crowned the worlds top adventure racing teams since 2001. Each year a Qualifier event is chosen to host the championship. They accept:
– The top two placed teams at each Qualifier,
– The highest placed all national membered team from each Qualifier if they were not placed 1st or 2nd,
– The previous AR World Champions, and second placed team from previous AR World Championship,
– And allocate wild card entries.

What is AR World Championship Brochure

AR World Championship Hosts

A Qualifier race must nominate to the AR World Series to host the AR World Championship. The host race is then chosen through a vote of AR World Series Members (the director of each Qualifier) and announced. AR World Championship 2014 host is Ecuador

AR World Championship Qualification

Teams are required to qualify to attend the annual pinnacle of the sport, the AR World Championship. The winning team at each Qualifier receives and guaranteed spot and a paid entry to the race. The second place team at each Qualifier receives a guaranteed spot. Qualifying teams must race the AR World Championship with a minimum of two members of the team who won the Qualifying spot. If the winning team at a Qualifier race has previously won a Qualifying spot in that year, then the spot and paid entry is transferred down to the next placed team, and the second place spot is transferred to the team below them. This continues until the Qualifying spot is awarded to a team who does not already have a Qualifying spot. Once a team has qualified, their spot may not be passed to another team in the event they are not able to race. An additional spot from each Qualifier is reserved for the top placed all national membered team from the host country of the Qualifier, if that national team does not Qualify in 1st or 2nd place. The AR World Championship Host may also allocate Wild Card entries.

National Team Rules

For a team to be eligible to race at the AR World Championship, beginning 2014, it must include a minimum of two members of the same nationality. Competitors will prove their nationality at race registration by officials checking their passport is valid and issued by the country the team is representing. Competitors representing their country of residence, if different to their passport, must show suitable proof of residency. This rule is not applicable to the Qualifying rounds. Teams at the AR World Championship will represent one designated nation only, being the nationality of the majority of team members. If there is an even split of team member nationalities, e.g. 2/2, then the nationality of the team captain will be the designated team nationality.

The format of a team name will be adapted at the AR World Championship to include firstly the name of the country the team is representing, and may then be followed by sponsor names, for example team USA – Sponsor X. Multiple teams representing the same country are permitted.

AR World Championship Other Activities

The AR World Championship is the annual pinacle of the sport and draws teams, supporters, spectators, sponsors etc to the event. It hosts the annual Qualifier Expo where each international qualifier provides an information booth to promote their race to potential competitors and sponsors. The annual meeting of race directors is also held on the final day of the AR World Championship.

History – AR World Champions

arwc 2012
arwc winners 2011 Thule Adventure Team
Alberth Roca
Jacky Boisset
Myriam Guillot
Stuart Lynch
AR World Championship 2013
HOST: Costa Rica Adventure Race
arwc 2012
arwc winners 2011 Seagate
Nathan Fa’avae
Chris Forne
Sophie Hart
Trevor Voyce
AR World Championship 2012
HOST: Raid in France
arwc 2011
arwc winners 2011 Thule Adventure Team
Per Vestling
Jacky Boisset
Myriam Guillot
Martin Flinta
AR World Championship 2011
HOST: XPD Expedition Race
arwc 2011
ar world champions 2010 Buff Thermocool
Benjamen Midena
Emma Roca
Fran Lopez Costoya
Arnau Julia
AR World Championship 2010
HOST: Bimbache Extrem
arwc 2011
ar world champions 2009 Helly Hansen Prunesco
Warren Bates
Tom Gibbs
Nicola Macloed
Nick Gracie
AR World Championship 2009
HOST: Portugal XPD
arwc 2011
ar world champions 2008 Orion Health
Wayne Oxenham
Anna Berthelsen
Brent Edwards
Stuart Lynch
AR World Championship 2008
HOST: Ecomotion
arwc 2011
ar world champions 2007 Nike
Mike Tobin
Chris Forne
Monique Merrell
Mike Kloser
AR World Championship 2007
HOST: Wilderness ARC
arwc 2011
ar world champions 2006 Nike PowerBlast
Monique Merrell
Dave Weins
Richard Ussher
Ian Adamson
AR World Championship 2006
HOST: Explore Sweden
arwc 2011
ar world champions 2005 Balance Vector
Nathan Fa’avae
Kristina Anglem
Richard Ussher
Marcel Hagener
AR World Championship 2005
HOST: Southern Traverse
arwc 2011
ar world champions 2004 Nike ACG Balance Bar
Mike Kloser
Danelle Ballangee
Ian Adamson
Michael Tobin
AR World Championship 2004
HOST: Raid The North Extreme
arwc 2011
ar world champions 2001 Nokia
Petri Forseman
Jukka Pinola
Mika Hirvinen
Elina Maki-Rautila
AR World Championship 2001

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