GODZone has today announced that leading New Zealand child health research funder, Cure Kids, has been named as the recipient charity for the adventure-racing event taking place in Wanaka in March 2015.


Race Director Warren Bates says GODZone is proud to be associated with Cure Kids, who fund vital child health research in New Zealand.

“ GODZone is now in its fourth year of operation and we have been considering for some time how we can use our international platform for the greater good. By choosing Cure Kids as our official charity recipient we aim to help raise funds and awareness of the vital child health research they fund each year.”


Over 200 adventure racers are competing in the event next year, including reigning world champs Team Seagate from New Zealand, and Mr Bates says there will be plenty of opportunities for teams to help the cause.

“The competitors certainly face some tough challenges out in the wilderness and around the non stop course. However, this is nothing compared to the challenges some children and their families face on a day-to-day basis.

Our alignments with Cure Kids is something that hopefully will inspire our adventure racing community to rally behind and help to raise funds for this important research. We will be actively encouraging teams and their supporters before the event and during via our live website to donate.”

Cure Kids CEO Vicki Lee is hugely supportive of the partnership and says being the recipient charity of GODZone is “simply sensational”.

“It’s always humbling when people are prepared to put their body on the line and stretch their limits both physically and mentally to raise money for Cure Kids.”

“Our own Kiwi kids will be the ultimate recipients of their hard work, as the dollars raised in the GODZone race will be directed to improving the health of New Zealand children. A cure in New Zealand is a cure world-wide” says Ms. Lee

Cure Kids funds research into cures and better treatments for a wide range of childhood illnesses. These include cot death (SUDI), stillbirth, leukaemia, rheumatic heart disease, asthma, inherited heart conditions and mental health conditions.

The GODZone event can be followed through out via the godzoneadventure.com website where each team is tracked by a locator beacon. Race Director Warren Bates says it promises to be one of the most compelling events to watch both for the winning teams but also to see how much money will be raised for Cure Kids.

“ We really want people to get behind Cure Kids and all the teams as they tackle this massive challenge. Today we launch our Cure Kids landing page
http://www.godzoneadventure.com  where people can find out more about the campaign and how they can get involved.”

For more information on Cure Kids go to http://www.curekids.co.nz, GODZone go to

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