The race «Raid Gallaecia Expedition Race»


Adventure Race World Series

Raid Gallaecia Expedition Race is a new adventure and expedition race of Adventure Race World Series, which will be held from 10th to 17th of May 2015 in Galicia – North West Spain.



After 11 years organizing adventure events in Spain, having run several international races of the ARWS circuit, organized several Spanish and Iberian championships and carried out several 28-hour-non-stop races of international nature, we have decided to take the step towards the expedition format, a format we love and thrills us.



The terrain

Galicia is a spectacular site to do an event of adventure. It is a land full of nature, where mountains, sea and sky join together, with amazing landscapes, a great biodiversity and a great potential for tourism. Galicia is sailors’ land, it’s the land where the “Camino de Santiago” ends and where one finds what Romans called the end of the Earth, Finisterrae.

The race

After being a reference to organizational level in our country, Gallaecia raid team is currently working enthusiastically in order to offer a great event at a technical and sports level, of infrastructures and of diffusion.

We hold this race as a big challenge, waiting for the visit of teams from around the world who will discover these wonderful lands, unknown to many. You’ll be delighted!!

The race will last for a total of 100 hours in the non-stop format. The winner team wills pend around 75 hours.

The disciplines that include this raid will be trekking, coasteering, mountain bike, sea kayak, river kayak, and ropes activities. All this under the frame of the orienteering. We will use maps of different scales, from 1:50000 to 1:10000, of a great quality and totally updated.

We’ll pass for rivers, mountains, beaches, sea inlets and small villages, both countryside and sailor villages in Galicia.

This information in spanish and french languages
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