Claudia Galicia maintained a love affair with the Titan Desert by GARMIN. In two participations, the Catalan rider has won twice in the women’s category. In 2015, Claudia looks for the the third consecutive victory in the race.

What memories do you have of your last victory at the TDbG?

I was more prepared than the first time. I have a very good memory.  I arrived in a very good physical condition and ended up very happy with the environment, the rest of competitors… I have very nice memories and I think it was my best Titan.

Why do you think you have this good performance in the Titan?

The Titan Desert has long stages and I like it. It is not tiring for me. There are few technical areas and you have to ride and ride to achieve a good the pace. I believe that the characteristics of the race favor me.

You end up in the position 27 in the absolute general classification. What is your goal for the 2015 edition?

Every year my goal is to finish, and I’m not worried about the general classification until the end. In 2015 it will be very difficult to repeat victory and the position  in the general overall because there will be high level, also in the ranking female, although I think that is the best for all, for the race and for me.

Who you learned more in the race?

A bit of all. With the Professionals you learn more about technical and mechanical aspects, but also with amateur people who works every day their 8 or 10 hours you can learn their spirit of sacrifice. When they arrive after 10 hours of stage they do so with a smile on their face, so you learn from all sides.

How would you define the spirit of the race?

I think that the Titan is a distinct race, obviously very hard because there are 600 kilometers, but is an adventure that you can share with your mates at the camp. It has something different: to share experiences, camps…

What has given to you the TDbG?

I have achieved maturity as an athlete, but also as a person. The first Titan I suffered a lot, rather than physical level at the psychological level. I learned a lot from how acted some people, things that I keep for me and that made me be more mature. Also how to enjoy the sport and make friends. It is an event that has marked me forever.

What do you expect from the next edition of the race?

I want to enjoy a lot. The novelties of the 2015 edition are very well, as the night stage or navigation. We are going to enjoy an epic Titan.

Claudia, can give us some advice to women ‘bikers’ who come for the first time to the Titan?

I encourage women to participate in the race because it is a very nice experience, with life in the camp and the hard stages, but I can tell them that is important to come well prepared and aware of what awaits them. You have to train hard.

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