Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race Explained

logocroppedfddfThis is an authentic achievable adventure race for teams of 3-people, either male or mixed teams (female teams – refer www.springchallenge.co.nz). A team travels together through the entire course, in other words, it’s not a relay, it’s a team challenge. As a team, you’ll navigate your way through the course visiting a series of checkpoints (CP) using just a map and a compass, no GPS sorry, that’s cheating. Once you reach all the checkpoints your team can go to the finish line. The race is made up of a number of stages of either rafting, mountain biking and hiking.

The exact details of the course are kept a secret until the maps and course are released the eve of the event. At the end of each discipline there is a transition area (TA), this is where your team will meet your support crew, who have driven ahead and prepared your gear for the next stage, they may even have boiled the billy to make you a coffee. If you’re a first time adventure racer, the 3-hour event is a good kick off. Keep in mind this is the projected winning time, teams on the 3-hour event tend to take 3-6 hours to finish the tasks. The 6-hour event an intermediate adventure race and is a step up with teams on course typically for 6-10-hours. The 12-hour event, well, that pretty much speaks for itself.

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Race Director Nathan Fa’avae is race director and course designer. Along with his wife Jodie, they also organise the Spring Challenge Womens Adventure Race. Nathan started Adventure Racing in 1999 and has captained New Zealand’s most successful team, winning multiple World Championships. Nathan has competed in approximately 75-adventure races in more than 20-countries. He has organised over 100-adventure sporting events in New Zealand. His career before being a professional adventure racer was outdoor education and adventure tourism. Entries Close March 27th Entry limited to 100 teams. More info: http://www.absolutewilderness.co.nz/race-2/

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