Minami Daisuke . Adventure Team Real Discovery in GoDZone

みなさん、応援ありがとうございました!2日前に無事にゴールしました。結果は残念ではありますが、ショートコースのUNRANKED 扱いとなりました。スタート2日前からメンバーにウイルス感染による高熱が発症し、そのままレースに突入する事態となりました。途中、発熱と薬の副作用と 戦いながら、進めていましたが、第3レグでは極度の体調不良によるビバークとその後の天候悪化によりトレイルが滝に埋没するという事態から、2度の停滞を 余儀なくされまた。(このレグでは、他にもヘリでレスキューされたチームもありました)様々なチャレンジがありましたが、チームワークで乗り越える事がで きました。関門時間に間に合わずショートコース扱いとなりましたが、これ程過酷なコースを全員でゴールできた事は一つのステップアップとなりました。改め て、報告の場を設けさせていただきたく思いますが、とりいそぎ無事のご連絡まで。応援本当にありがとうございました!
– «Thank you everyone! We 11039091_831467316913698_6315297277907507398_ncrossed finish line on 5 Mar. The race time was 5day and 9hrs as unranked. I’ll touch on this ‘unranked’ behind the scenes later. We had significant challenge even before the start. One of our team mates had virus infection and started 40deg of fever 2days before the race start. We dived into the race as the fever still goes on. It was a challenging race from course perspective but also weather condition and physical condition. At leg 3 we had to take 2 stops due to physical condition and weather reason – water covering the bridge to across. Although we were resulted as unranked, under such difficult condition, crossing finish line means a lot to us. Thaks everyone for support and such a kind words for us. We fly back to Tokyo tomorrow. I will write more later.»


Adventure Team Real Discovery which is a Japan originated team is now ready for GODZONE adventure race in New Zealand.  Our team is consisted from a people who has various racing backgournd such as Goshi Ozawa and Captain Daisuke Minami who has experience in Japan as well as GeoQuest and 2 XPDs in Australia. And for this race, the team joined up with Fung Ka Fai from Hong Kong who has done ARWC in Tasmania as well as Ironman(s) and Takako Takahashi who has various AR and ultra trail race experiences in Japan.  We are all full time worker in various fields such as IT, pharmaceutical, healthcare and government sector.  For this race, team had very limited time to train as a team, but also tried to be effective as much as possible. Over the weekend, We did long trekking training in Japan alps, paddling and biking in near Tokyo mountain area.  Ka Fai also flew over Japan twice to train with us.

We see this race as a big challenge and also good benchmark to see where we are. We are the first Japanese team in GODZone history, so we aim to finish this race with full of pride.

Now full of nervousness is building up and race briefing stats soon.  We are all looking forward to it. Bring it on!!


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