German Adventure Race Series 2015

What’s the sport “Adventure Racing” about?
Equipped with a map and compass, participants are going on a challenging quest with different stations on field, hiking and c10710551_629696933802498_7640022615396913854_nycling trails in the nature. Depending on the terrain, the athletes have to combine a wide variety of different sports. In the past years, e.g. orienteering, trekking, mountain biking, and paddling have shown up most in this multisport competition. In addition, every year the organizers prepare a couple of specials, such as climbing, abseiling, archery or laser-rifle shooting. But do not worry, previous experience is not required.
A special team-experience in nature.
One of the most remarkable attributes of the race is, that all competitors participate in teams of two (women, men or mixed). From the starting point to the finish line, the team members stay together and accomplish all challenges together.
For the competition each team can choose between these levels of difficulty:
Beginner (about 30km, 3-4 hours)
Challenger (about 70 km, 8-10 hours)
Master (about 150 km, 20-24 hours).

In 2015 ambitious participants within the Challenger- and Master-Class can challenge their sportiness at the German Championships in Burghausen.
During the whole year, the 6th German Adventure Race Series includes three races in various regions:
• 05-06th June 2015 Burghausen
• 26-28th June 2015 Auenland
• 26-27th Sept. 2015 Jena
The Adventure Race Burghausen

Adventure Race Burghausen

Date: 5. – 6. June 2015

Place: Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany

Organizer: xpert marketing, & Vibrations-in-Sports

For the first time, Burghausen is a venue of the German Adventure Race Series in 2015. Embedded into the fringe events of the 31st Bavarian Gymnastics Festival the competitors and spectators will be surprised by a great number of adventures and challenges in front of a magnificent scenery. Cheered on by a large crowd of spectators the athletes can expect new routes, exciting races, unforgettable experiences and the highlight: the German Championship in adventure racing.

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Be prepared for June 5th and 6th: Outdoor enthusiasts can look forward to a special adventure in Burghausen. The first race of the Season is integrated in the 31st Bavarian Gymnastics Festival and provides various challenges in a beautiful countryside for all participants. With disciplines such as trekking, mountain biking, running, canoeing, and many more the organizers prepare an exciting and challenging race. Moreover, Burghausen hosts the German Championship in adventure racing 2015. The start and finish of the race are integrated in the activities around the 31. Bavarian Gymnastics Festival. Hence participants and visitors can participate in a great sporting and cultural program, side-events and shows before, during and after the race .

Burghausen, Bayern, Germany.

Viel Spaß bei der Vorbereitung!

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