Red Fox Adventure Race XIV 2015

Red Fox Adventure Race XIV powered by Polartec®


11-14 June, 2015, Russia, Karelia region, Onega Lake

 Right now you can include one of the highest-grade Russian and International extreme competitions for adventure racers in your sport calendar! The next expedition race Red Fox Adventure Race 2015 is ready to offer you fascinating obstacles!

New unique race district, new race format and new adventurers in the nature of north summer!

The annual Red Fox Adventure Race XIV powered by Polartec® will take place in one of the beautiful places of Europe – Karelia region, Onega Lake – on June 11-14, 2015. Organizer – Red Fox Company with the support of the Polartec LLC.

Location: Karelia, Onega Lake

Date: June 11 – 14, 2015 
Race format: expedition


Short Course: 48 hours for teams of 2 racers (any gender) or teams of

4 racers (at least one woman)

Long Course: 72 hours for teams of 2 racers (any gender) or teams of

4 racers (at least one woman)

Red Fox Adventure Races always take place in the most picturesque and very severe on conditions country regions. This year the race will be held in wilderness and well-favoured area, popular tourist region – Karelia region, Onega Lake district. The race center is situated on the bank of the Gulf of Onega Lake, the Svyatukha Lip.

The race area abounds with ridges of high hills. Many narrow lakes up to 35 km length, hills with thirty-meter basalt walls of 1,5 km length and virgin forests wait the participants of the most extreme Red Fox Adventure Race XIV powered by Polartec®.

Course designer Vitaliy Chegarovskiy (master of orienteering) is well-known in AR world and has more than 20-years experience of organization adventure races. He prepares very interesting 48 h and 72 h non stop course. You are expected by hundreds kilometres of new adventures! Paddling stage with many portages, tricky trekkings, surprising technical stages and charm of the Karelian wooden architecture!

The order of overcoming of the main stages will be regulated and the order of passing of check points is planned in rogaine format. Competition will take place in two classes: «Short» 48 hours for teams of two or four racers, and «Long» 72 hours for teams of two or four racers.

Red Fox Adventure Race 2015 already for the fourth time is entered in AR European Series (ARES)! So the race results will be included in the overall ranking of AREuroSeries.

You have a great chance to get acquainted with one of the unique places of the Russian nature and real adventures!

Start your preparations and trainings for the Red Fox Adventure Race 2015 right now!

We wait your application on the Red Fox Adventure Race 2015!

Test your limits!


REGULATIONS and RULES Red Fox Adventure Race 2015
Organisation committee
Organizer – Red Fox Company
Race Director – Olga Moroz
Race designer and chief race judge – Vitaliy Chegarovskiy
Designer of technical stages – Alexander Ovcharuk
Chief of volunteers – Dmitry Bulavinov
Race camp commandant – Dmitry Smol’yaninov
Electronic timing – Yuriy Gultyaev
Official race web site – www.adventure-race.redfox.ruDate and place
Red Fox Adventure Race 2015 takes place in Karelia region, Onega Lake district on June11 -14th 2015.
The race center is situated on the bank of the Gulf of Onega Lake, the Svyatukha Lip.
Accommodation of racers and organizers: field camp (tents)
How to get the race center: see on “Scheme, Race center location”PROGRAMM of the Red Fox AR 20159th June, Tuesday
Arrival of participants at the race center is opened from 8:00 a.m.10th June, Wednesday
9:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. – equipment check, passing of a test rope route, teams registration
9:00 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. – race brief
9:30 p.m. -10:30 p.m. – race brief in english11th June, Thursday
10:30 a.m. – opening ceremony
12:00 a.m. – race start12th June, Friday

13th June, Saturday
12:00 a.m. – race closure for SHORT class
13:30 a.m. – prize giving ceremony for SHORT class

14th June, Sunday
12:00 a.m. – race closure for LONG class
13:30 a.m. – prize giving ceremony for LONG class. Closing ceremony. Departure of the participants

Race format
Race format – non-stop adventure race. Any external assistance is prohibited.

– RFAR “Short” – 48 hours
– RFAR “Long” – 72 hours

Team’s nominations
For each class: SHORT or LONG there are three nominations:
1. team of 4 racers (at least one woman)
2. team of 2 racers – MM ranking
3. team of 2 racers – MW or WW ranking
Each racer has to reach the age of 18 by the start of the race.

Race distance is planned in form of 3 loops . After finishing of each loop a team has to return to the Race Center where it starts the next circle. The sequence of passing of loops is set and can’t be changed.
The order of stages is described in the Scheme of distance. Some controls (CP) are mandatory for passing, the rest are not. See more details in the following chapter.
The race design doesn’t allow for the teams of Short class to take all the CPs. For the best result it is necessary to compete full 48 hours. The strongest teams of Long class have a chance to finish the race earlier than in 72 hours.
Teams completed all of the 3 loops before the race closure have a chance to get some additional CPs located close to the finish.
There will be the following routes (stages): mountain bike, paddling, trekking, rock climbing, speleo stage, fixed ropes and one secret stage. Information about the secret stage will be announced one hour before Race start, right after opening ceremony.

Order of CPs passing
One part of route is mandatory for passing, another is not. It gives a chance for slow teams to overcome at least fractionally but all stages of the race.
On the maps the mandatory check points are marked by red, non-mandatory – by green circles.
CPs connected by the red line with arrow on the map should be passed in specified order. All the other CPs can be passed in any order at the choice of teams. But there also can be the special order of passing for some CPs pointed in the route sheet. Please attend!

Some CPs (which marked in the route sheet and maps) can be taken during any of three main loops. It means that a team decides itself on what loop to take these CPs. For example: CP 45 (2-3) can be passed during second or third loop.
The result of teams broken the order of passing of mandatory CPs will be scored as well but in the final results they will be placed below those who overcame all distance in correct order.

Scheme of passing of route stages


The rules of conduct at a meeting with a bear:
1. Be calm. Don’t turn your back on him and don’t try to run. At once start receding slowly backside, obliquely, keeping an eye open for a bear. Talk with bear calm and loud like this: Don’t care, I don’t want to hurt to you, I go away, see – I leave away.



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