Riders speak of Gallaecia Expedition Race 2015




“I have raced at the Raid Gallaecia twice and its a fantastic area to race in and Pablo, the race director puts on a brilliant course and it is very well organised. Galicia is a beautiful region of north western Spain and has an incredible rugged coastline which the race takes full advantage of. The race staff and marshals have always been super friendly and i would really recommend the race to anyone just make sure you spend an extra few days enjoying the local area and the amazing seafood.”

Nick Grace – Adidax Terrex (2009 AR World Champion)



“Adventure racing in Galicia is always special for me. It is one of the places where I have learnt most of the raids. I love join its small villages by bike using the network of roads and tracks, skirting cliffs or cross its forests between granite blocks and little streams by magical places, or paddle in one of the wildest coasts of the planet.
This will be the fifth time I will be racing the Raid Gallaecia, raid that I have seen grow parallelly to me and that now accomplish to be an ARWS Qualifier, where I have no doubts that it will surprise, becoming one of the best.
Albert Roca – 2013 AR World Champion



“I’m really looking forward to racing Raid Gallecia as part of the world series. When competing in Raid Gallecia previously I’ve been impressed with the quality of the course and the organisation. I’m looking forward to what I know will be a challenging but fun event in a great part of Spain.”
Stuart Lynch – Seagete (2014, 2013 and 2008 AR World Champion)




Galicia, the land of the sea. With 1500 kilometres of coastline, it has some of the wildest coastal grounds in the world.
Galicia has the highest sea cliffs of Europe, with more than 600 meters of positive altitude change. Cliffs with zones where it is possible to go up or down, as in other editions of our Raids.
Adventure races in Galicia are characterised by their harshness, since in Galicia plains do not exist. Even though there are no great altitudes, it has many challenging mountains with pronounced slopes.
Fertile lands full of rivers, making possible the practice of canyoning and whitewater kayaking. Galicia also hosts many climbing zones to do spectacular rope activities.
In raid Gallaecia there will be a bit of everything, rivers to enjoy, coastline for the kayak or for the trekking, mountain grounds. It will be an authentic adventure, a long and technical expedition. We wait for you in this spectacular raid!


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