AR «Wildracers» on line !!

A whole pile of must-see videos – 24 x 30 minute episodes – are now available in HD for purchase and download courtesy Wildracers (Anthony Gordon). You can get them here:

These are seriously professional and beautiful homages to expedition adventure racing, covering 6 stops on the Adventure Racing World Series.



The Adventure Racing World Series kicks off in Tasmania, Australia. Through the first four episodes of this twenty four episode series, we follow the intrepid teams through almost 700 kilometers of treking, kayaking, mountain biking and caving. The teams have to fight every step of the way, against the clock, the terrain, the cold, the dark, the wilderness, the rain, the Sleep Monsters and themselves.
Teams only receive the course briefing 24hrs prior to the start – they must then prepare all the supplies for the days of racing ahead – once sealed in the registered boxes the next time they get to specific supplies are at designated transition areas. From here they are on their own. From the start, lead teams push hard to open gaps that they feel will be hard to close down over the coming days. As they say – «When it’s go time … suffer».
As the round continues, teams begin experiencing the phenomenon of Sleep Monsters. Fatigue brings with it more psychological challenges than physical challenges as the teams continue their journey towards the half way point across Lake Macintosh.
In the final stages, the event becomes less a race and more an exercise in survival as they complete the marathon breaking trek and face even more punishment. Tensions are stretched and the strain on body and mind now reach new levels. This is an adventure of epic proportions with still a long way to go and Tasmania’s wilderness is not finished with them yet.

New Zealand
Costa Rica
South Africa

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