Expedition Alaska Adventure Race Set to Begin

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– The world’s best adventure racers will descend on south central Alaska this week in preparation for the start of Expedition Alaska – a 7-day, non-stop endurance event that will pit coed teams of four against one another on a course that promises to be as tough as it is beautiful.

Created and organized by Perpetual Motion Events, a company that specializes in staging challenging endurance competitions, Expedition Alaska is scheduled to get underway on Sunday, June 28. On that day, Racers will assemble at a yet to be disclosed starting location north of Anchorage where they will embark on a 350+ mile odyssey on foot, mountain bike, pack raft, and kayak. The course will take them through dense forests, over mountain passes, across glaciers, and down raging rivers as they pass through a series of checkpoints on their way to the finish line.

A total of 20 teams from around the globe have signed up to race in Expedition Alaska, with competitors coming from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, and Denmark. Both the U.S. and Canada will be well represented as well when the teams take to the starting line at 10 AM on the 28th.

Once underway, the race will go non-stop, with the clock always running. It is up to the teams to decide when and where they will take a rest, with most sleeping just a few hours each day of the race. The winner of the event will be the four-person team that reaches the finish line in Seward on July 5 with the fastest time.

Expedition Alaska is part of the Adventure Racing World Series (http://www.arworldseries.com), a coalition of 12 events that take place around the globe each year with the eventual goal of crowning a world champion for the sport. The winner of Expedition Alaska will also earn an automatic entry to the ARWS championship to be held in Brazil this November.

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