Team Tecnu Wins Inaugural Expedition Alaska Adventure Race

Anchorage, AK (July 5, 2015)  – The first-ever Expedition Alaska adventure race came to an end on Sunday when competitors reached the finish line in Seward after seven straight days of racing. The event’s arduous course took them through 350+ miles of scenic Alaskan backcountry as the 20 coed teams of four crossed glaciers, mountain biked epic trails, and paddled raging rivers. 


After more than a week of non-stop racing, Team Tecnu, which is made up of racers from both the U.S. and Australia, took top honors, finishing the race well ahead of the competition, which stresses distance covered, and checkpoints acquired, as well as time spent out on the course. Technu was followed by Team YogaSlackers of Bend, Oregon, and Team Rogue from Australia, who finished second and third respectively.

The teams arrived in Seward on Saturday, but before the race could be officially decided, they first had to complete the final stage set on Mt. Marathon. The 3022-foot peak hosts an infamous running event on July 4 of each year, and the Expedition Alaska teams had to run the same route as the regular Mt Marathon runners. Despite racing for seven straight days in the backcountry, every team managed to finish the final stage, and was greeted by friends, fans, and family at the finishing line.

The grueling event organized and managed by Perpetual Motion is a part of the Adventure Racing World Series (, which is made up of a coalition of 12 events that are held around the world each year with the stated goal of crowning an adventure racing world champion. As a result of this partnership, Team Tecnu has earned an automatic entry into the ARWS championship to be held in Brazil this November. 

Photo Credit. TEAM TECNU

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