“the longest road ever” Cameco Cowboy Tough Adventure day 2

Day 2 of the 3.5-day Cameco Cowboy Tough Expedition Adventure Race in Wyoming is expected to be the longest and toughest day. After a long night trekking 35 miles in the Bighorn Mountains, almost half the teams did not make the cutoff time for arriving at the transition area of Day 1 to Day 2.


But the adventure isn’t over for these competitors—a new “short course” option was devised to get them caught up.
This morning teams had the choice of trekking 25 miles to collect checkpoints before they rappelled down Crazy Woman Crags, or they could bypass the o-course and make the 16-mile bike ride on Route 16 straight to the rappel Crazy Woman Crags. Once off the crag, racers again had the choice whether to bike or trek the 25 miles to CP30 through CP36. 
Eventually today teams will make their way via their chosen method of transportation to Meadowlark Ski Lodge, where they’ll complete a quick stand-up paddle board) challenge.
Well into the night, teams will now bike on what right now they may consider “the longest road ever”—Hazelton Road. It’s a 70-mile slog to the very remote EOD TA, a Bureau of Land Management campground on the middle fork of the Powder River. Racers must check in and out before 9 am at the on Saturday at the end-of-day transition area.
The top two teams are battling it out for first place–the two-time Cameco Cowboy Tough champ and fourth place in the ARWS team Tecnu Extreme Adventure Racing, and Cameco Cowboy Tough newbies Swedish Armed Forces, currently ranked 15th in the ARWS. They’ve stayed within a few miles of each other the entire race thus far, but this morning strategy came in to play. Tecnu chose not to get two optional checkpoints, reserving energy for later, whereas the Swedish Armed Forces Team got all the checkpoints but no rest. We’ll be watching to see which strategy was best.

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