The GODZone Adventure racing team from Central Otago, New Zealand has won the 2015 Primal Quest expedition race that took place in Lake Tahoe, USA this week.

Sonya Clark, Lisa Bates, Warren Bates, Sarah Fairmaid on the podium-1

The highly experienced team made up of former World Champion adventure racer and GODZone Race Director Warren Bates, his partner Lisa Bates and adventure racing sisters Sarah Fairmaid and Sonya Clark came across the finish line just after 8.30pm (NZST) (12.52am EST) last night.

The eight-day Primal Quest expedition started on the afternoon of the 19th August and GODZone team captain Warren Bates says the course was extremely challenging but an exciting adventure from the get go.

«That’s just about as tough as it gets in adventure racing. Primal Quest races have always been hard and this was no exception. The team is delighted to come through with the win. We stuck to our plan of looking after ourselves as best as possible, making no mistakes strategically or navigationally and it paid off over the seven days we were out on the course.”

The massive Primal Quest course traversed over 450 miles in and around Lake Tahoe with 66 000ft of ascent. This included 160km of trekking up to 12 000ft and an epic 1000 ft overhanging climb with ascenders over the Calaveras Dome with a 700ft rappel.

The team kayaked on Lake Tahoe, white water rafted on the South Fork American River and mountain biked through the Sierra’s non stop for seven day.

«All the team has been blown away by the scale of the course and huge scenery. It was a route of epic proportions that tested us in many ways, both mentally and physically,” says Bates.

Despite the hardships, the intense heat of the day and cold of the night, the lack of water, the altitude, we will depart Lake Tahoe with some amazing memories of a very special location. Who knows where they will take the race next year but we’d love to come back and race. «

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