A dream day for the athletes of the Gaspésie International Raid!


The athletes of the Gaspesie International Raid enjoyed a warm and sunny day for Day 2 of the race in the wonderful landscapes of the Nouvelle, Escuminac and Miguasha area. The start was given at 9:00 am and exceptional sections of bushwhacking, canoeing on the Nouvelle River and of coasteering along the Miguasha cliffs awaited the athletes. The day ended with a vertiginous zipline 30 meters high and 130 meters long that brought the athletes down the cliff. It’s on M. Landry propriety that the racers mounted their camp, enjoying a splendid view on the bay. They were enchanted by their day, and could not find the words to describe the people hospitality, on the course and at the camps at night. To give just an example, a woman cooked 300 muffins for the racers at a transition, and the Cercle des fermières cooked a huge stew for everybody at the camp. A friendly spirit is developing all through the raid among the teams who share camps during the race, and some assistants noted also the solidarity and mutual aid existing among the assistants at the transitions.

Today, the leaders of the male duets, the team Cahors Lot Orientation (FRA), had to abandoned after having experienced a broken bike, but after a general notification, the team GalopeuXtrêmes (CAN) offered to borrow them a bike so they can take the start of the third day tomorrow.  This collaboration spirit is a particular aspect of the Gaspésie International Raid that was also noted by the international journalists who find here a companionship rarely seen in such an event notably in Europe.

The ranking for Day 2 is the following for the 300 K: Team Painted Wolf (RSA) ended first followed by Team Raid Bras du Nord (CAN) and Team Dynafit/SkiMoEast.com (CAN). This latter are in the first place on the overall cumulative ranking. For the 150 K, Team Intersport Carleton-sur-Mer (CAN) has arrived first followed by the GalopeuXtremes (CAN) and Pedini-Iret (ITA). Note that the GalopeuXtreme (CAN) are leading on the overall cumulative ranking.

The start for Day 3 will be given at 5:30 am for the 300 K and at 7:30 am for the 150 K on the top of Mount St-Joseph. We hope to see you early on the race course!

For the results:


Carleton-sur-Mer, September 12, 2015. –

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