Team 400Team Finish 1° In Raid in France 2015


The French team 400Team, ranked 8th in the Adventure Racing World
Series ranking, won this 2015 edition of Raid in France, ARWS stage.
In order to do the 380km of the race, they fought for 81h46, by alternating
disciplines such as trek, mountain bike, kayak, canyon or stand up paddle,
nonstop and in total autonomy and orientation.
This is the 3rd Raid in France win for Sébastien Raichon, Sandrine Béranger,
Nicolas Seguin and Romuald Viale.
On the podium with them: Spanish team Columbia Vidaraid, adventure racing
world series actual leaders, and French team FMR, very tired at the end but
who were determined to finish this adventure.


> Racers are unanimous this race map was amazing.
They believe that between those international adventure races, this one is
unique due to an extremely demanding race, physically and technically –
particularly in orientation – while offering a chance to discover incredible
The sentence of the day
« What a finish ! We win on the last section… this is exceptional. The fight
was intense from the beginning. We haven’t slept a lot, we stayed together.
When crossing the finish line, I feel the same joy and emotion… Thanks to
the organization for this adventure and those unique routes…»
Ranking – Podium
1-400Team Raidlight (FRA): 81h46
2-Columbia Vidaraid (SP): 83h40
3-FMR (FRA): 87h48

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