Pascal Bahuaud, race director « I don’t want Raid in France to become a stereotype race »

What can you see when you look back on this 2015 edition?

It’s been a race very faithful to Raid in France spirit: demanding in water sections, challenging in orienteering, and totally immersed in Ain’s territory, where the « adventure » potential is enormous. This edition tried to benefit form the lands and areas crossed: while trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, paddling in barks or on stand up and while ropes and caving section.
It was also a race with an impressive line up. Counting 3 teams in the world top 10 and more than 40 teams enrolled, from 12 different countries. We are very proud of this, and we would like to thanks the teams for their trust.
Even though, we missed the sun, in a way, it was also the « back to nature » that we love. The pouring rain has mistreated our organisation and we had to imagine several solutions to keep the racers on track as much as we could. I want to thank our technical team, that is to say our 10 high mountain guides and BE, our volunteers in charge of the water sections, and our « HATF » (Jack of all trades – Hommes A Tout Faire in french) for the obstinacy they put in keeping the ropes sections open and in adjusting the sections to the unbelievable weather conditions. As an example, they build a bridge during the night for the teams to pass. They also managed to keep the bark section open on the River Rhone, despite a water level variation of 4 meters, and kept as maximum of Ain’s paddling as they could in spite of flood alerts.
We keep saying it but without the 120 volunteers actually there during the race, and without the little team supporting me all year through, with racers, volunteers, track, administration papers, and communication, nothing could be possible. Raid in France is a jigsaw which parts are drop one by one, month after month, with patience, enthusiasm, stress sometimes, often impatience, but most of all with a big dedication. It’s a shared adventure very rewarding and absolutely unique.

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