Adventure at heart » Nathan Faavae»

– «I’ve had a very busy winter & spring, for recreation I wanted to make the most of an amazing snow season with Jodie and my children, it was sensational. Work wise there’s some expansion plans underway at Absolute Wilderness and Spring Challenge was recently held – in epic fashion, plus a few other irons in the fire for 2016 and beyond. Sport … I’m training for the Adventure Racing World Championships in Brazil in November, currently in Malaysia doing a 2-day race to help get conditioned to the heat and get my mind & body back into competition … shock treatment.



But what has taken the most of my time, focus and energy has been writing my Autobiography which will be available at the end of October! It’s been an incredible process and journey, to reflect, scribble, type and be creative – I really hope my story can entertain and inspire, whilst being an enjoyable read. I’m about to discover …»

More info:!/nathan.faavae?fref=nf

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