Carleton-sur-Mer, November 10, 2015. –  The Société de développement et de mise en valeur de Carleton-sur-Mer (SDMC) and Endurance Aventure are pleased to annouce the opening of the registration period for the third edition of the Gaspésie International Raid. This adventure race will be held in the Baie-des-Chaleurs area from September 8 to 11, 2016, thus contributing to the extension of the touristic season.


As per the previous editions, the proposed challenges remain the same : 150 K and 300 K. Participants must form teams of 2 or 4, composed of men, of women, or mixte. The maximum numbers of athletes will be 140. Because of the increasing notoriety of the GIR in the world of the adventure races, the organizers are expecting the venue of reprensentants from various countries.


Foreign reporters, photographs, cameramans and sport journalists will be present to secure an international coverage. This strong presence of media professionals provides a wonderful opportunity for the region in order to be visible around the world, thus supporting the Gaspésie touristic industry.


From last year statistics, we can assess that the brand new teaser about the opening of the registration period will be seen about 100 000 time in more than 100 countries. Translated in 5 languages, this video presents the Gaspésie territory as a wonderful playground for leisure and sports activities. Here it is:


Teaser Gaspésie International Raid 2016

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In italiano :

En español :

Em português :


TV show RIG 2015


The 1 hour TV show done about the GIR 2015 is under production. It will be presented in Premiere in Carleton-sur-Mer and Matapédia in Winter 2016 before being broadcasted in many sport channels around the world.



Are you wild enough?

In order to register for the Gaspésie International Raid and take advantage of the reduced fees, visit the site :


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