Teams racing at the world’s largest expedition race GODZone, being held in New Zealand’s Tasman district in April 2016, will chasing down a coveted race entry into the AR World Series Championships.


The winning GODZone team will receive a top prize of a free team entry to the 2016 Adventure Racing World Championships to be held in Australia.


Race Director Warren Bates says GODZone has been a member of the AR World Series since its inception in 2012.


“ As an official qualifier to the AR World Series, GODZone offers up two Championship team spots. The winning team gets the free team entry and our second placed team receives a guaranteed racing spot.


It’s a significant global link for the event and more particularly for the New Zealand adventure racing community.”


The AR World Series Championships have been running since 2001 and are held in various locations around the world.


“ What this means particularly for the Kiwi teams racing at GODZone is by winning one of these two spots they can stamp their mark internationally and fly the New Zealand flag against the top ranked adventure racing teams in the world,” says Bates.


This year we have the world’s third ranked team out of the US, Team Adventure Medical Kits, coming out to try and take the GODZone win away from the Kiwis. Its never been done before but this could be the year that the Kiwi teams will need to keep a watch over their shoulder for chasing international teams.”


GODZone will take place in the Tasman district, located at the top of the South Island, from the 2nd – 9th April 2016 with over 70 four-person teams racing.

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