International line up for the first race of the 2016 AR World Series Calendar in Belize





Maya Mountain Adventure Chalege :

– It’s time to look forward to the 2016 ARWS – Adventure Racing World Series season!

We’re excited to announce the list of registered teams for the MMAC – the first race in the new season! We have a competitive field of 48 racers representing 9 different countries including a number of MMAC veterans and the defending champions – Yogaslackers! Promises to be an exciting and competitive race! NOTE: these are the confirmed teams. We are still talking to a number of others so a friendly reminder that after Dec. 31, race ENTRY FEE WILL GO UP! If you haven’t yet, get registered NOW!




1. Yogaslackers (USA) – Captain Jason Magness

2. Nordic Adventure Racing (Norway) – Captain Jacob Westerberg

3. Secretos de Ullum (Argentina/Brazil/Spain) – Captain Oscar Ferre

4. Seek Adventure (USA) – Captain Sara Boyer

5. Adventure Medical Kits (USA) – Captain Kyle Peter

6. OWWWP ‘MERICA (USA) – Captain JD Eskelson

7. Team France (France) – Captain Christine Lamouche

8. Outside Peal Izumi (Sweden) – Captain Johan Lilja

9. Odyssey/MainNerve (USA) – Captain Shane Hagerman

10. USMES (USA) – Captain Ron Flick

11. No Boundaries Media (USA) – Captain Michelle Faucher

12. Chiquibul Grisons (Belize) – Captain Derric Chan

13. Team Belize (Belize) – Captain Scout Underwood

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