GeoQuest 48hr Australia’s Premier Adventure Race Entry Open

Race Entry

Entries for the 2016 race are open. Enter now through the online registration system.


FULL COURSE (EARLY) – $525 per person ($2,100 team) (full fee paid by end Feb).
FULL COURSE (STANDARD) – $625 per person ($2,500 team).
GEO-HALF (EARLY) – $425 per person ($1,700 team) (full fee paid by end Feb).
GEO-HALF (STANDARD – $525 per person ($2,100 team).
(Limit of 25 teams in the Geo-Half)

All Entries close on the Sunday evening, three weeks before the event . You do not need to have all team members confirmed to enter however full payment is still due. Entries may still be accepted for two weeks after the closing date with a $50 per person late fee. No entries will be accepted within one week of the event.

Teams may officially cancel their entry at any stage up to the Sunday 3 weeks before the event by emailing the race organisers. A refund of entry fees paid, less 10% administration fee will be made. Cancellations after the closing date and up to Sunday 1 week before the event will attract a 50% cancellation fee. After this date cancellations will not be considered for a refund or transfer to a following year. The cancellation policy is strict so please don’t request an exemption.


In the event of an «act of god» (fires, floods etc) organisers will attempt to re-route the course or find alternate short courses. Organisers reserve the right to cancel the event if no suitable alternate course is possible and no refunds or transfers will be made. Due to the scale of the event and travel/commitment involved by competitors it is not possible to re-schedule.

GeoQuest 48hr Australia’s Premier Adventure Race
What do I get for my money?

Your race entry fees include:

    A high quality adventure racing course in a new location;
    On-site first response teams for emergency first aid;
    All race maps for your team;
    Kayaks for the Geo-Half course;
    Special disciplines;
    Official race vest during the event;
    Mountain Designs GeoQuest T-shirt;
    Race pack with goodies and event prizes (dependant on sponsorship);
    Great live web coverage throughout;
    Post race breakfast on Monday morning or equivalent;
    An event lasting over four days;
    up to 48 hours of the most arduous and memorable adventure racing of your life!
    10% GST;

It is our aim to provide you and your team the best quality event we can. Admittedly, it isn’t cheap to enter, but neither is it cheap to run an adventure race of this scale, in a new location each year, especially when the event goes for well over 48 hours straight!

GeoQuest 48hr Australia’s Premier Adventure Race

· Agree to the conditions, declarations and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgment Waiver and Release form for competitors and be willing to sign this at race registration.

· Each team member must have Australian ambulance cover or an Australian medical insurance policy that includes ambulance cover or travel insurance covering medical costs including medical transportation for an injury sustained during competitive event or an Australian exemption or other ambulance coverage e.g. Australian Defence Force, residents of Tasmania/Queensland etc.

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