Red Fox Adventure Race XV powered by Polartec®. We promise you a scenic distance!

Are you ready to test your limits in the next Red Fox Adventure Race 2016? The venue is already known! The largest Adventure Race in Russia will take place in one of the most beautiful places – Karelia.


In northwest Russia, near the border of Finland on the Karelian Penninsula, also known as the “land of white nights”; an under polulated region with severe weather conditions and picturesque landscapes.

So wild and exciting place!


What can you expect from this race?

Picturesque pine forests, countless brooks and large lakes with rocky shorelines…

Many tiny rock islands, beautiful landscapes and a lot of water…

Impressive technical stages around the Koirinoja waterfall where you will need to practice slacklining to reach a checkpoint…

Every participant will go through the unforgettable stages:

    scrambling along the rocky shorelines
    mountain biking


Make your summer worth remembering!


– Short Course: 25 hours
– Long Course: 50 hours

Race format: Non stop
Center of the Race: the Koirinoja bight at the north end of Ladoga Lake. 310 km from St Petersburg in Pitkyarantsky District of the Republic of Karelia on A129 Pitkyaranta-Sortavala highway.
Structure of the distance: like the petals of a flower, with successive loops out and back to the race camp. On the first half of the distance all checkpoints are in a specific order, so face-to-face battle is guaranteed!
Dates: June, 9-13

Mark it red in your calendar!

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