Registration Open Huairasinchi Colombia 2016 / Inscripción abierta Huairasinchi Colombia 2016

Registration and payment is open to particpate in the HUAIRASINCHI Colombia 2016 race. Teams must fill out their registration form online and complete payment to be considered on the 2016 roster.

Registration will remain open from today Friday, 18 March until Friday, 15 July, or until the spots fill up.

The race will be 3 days for Adventure category teams (160 km) and 4 days for Elite teams (500 km). More information to come in the first Technical Communication in May. Stay tuned!


Huairasinchi Taking ARWS Teams to Colombia

For release: 26 May 2016

Proyecto Aventura is pleased to announce that the iconic and traditional adventure race, Huairasinchi, will be held in 2016 between August 11 and 16 in Colombia. The «Strength of the Wind» is returning with renewed energy, after holding the AR World Championship in 2014 in Ecuador.

Registrations are open until July 15 and already 25 of the available 40 spots have been reserved.

Huairasinchi is an event that for the last 13 years has grown in Ecuador and the world. It is recognised as one of the most important races in the international adventure calendar. A new and very promising future for Huairasinchi has been established in Ecuador and Colombia thanks to an alliance with the company AR Colombia and Jorge Diego Llano, an adventure racer with a long history and experience both as a participant and race director.

Picture: Craig Bycroft
Ecuador and Colombia are closely situated with the Pacific forest, the location of most of the adventure racing in the region, spanning the border between both countries. Due to this close proximity the adventure racing athletes from both countries regularly compete with and against each other.

Santiago Lopez from Proyecto Aventura explained how he believed that “Huairasinchi would be a great opportunity for racers in the region and the world to explore the wonders of Colombia. This race will create a new motivation for adventure racing in the two countries, and bring the promise of many years of adventure in new and exciting destinations.”

Huairasinchi will be held in the even numbered years in Colombia, and the odd numbered years in Ecuador, using the same format of an “Elite ARWS” nonstop category covering approximately 400 kilometers, and an “Adventure” category with three stages and rest stops during the nights. The Colombian organization will be managed by AR Colombia, represented by Llano, with the supervision of the Ecuadorian company Proyecto Aventura.

Huairasinchi will remain a member of the Adventure Racing World Series, ARWS, sharing the calendar with some of the best adventure races in the world in countries like Belize, Brazil, Chile, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Paraguay, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, and the World Championship which will be held in Australia at the end of 2016.

Jorge Diego Llano, a pioneer of the sport in Colombia commented that, “for more than 17 years I have participated in the world’s best adventure races. In 2000 we introduced adventure racing to Colombia and helped foster the sport’s growth in the country. What better way than joining together with Huairasinchi, one of the world’s longest held races with a very strong record. I have had the opportunity to participate in several editions of the race and I am witness to its growth and excellent standards. I believe that together we will be able to offer teams from Colombia, Ecuador, and the world a new opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience racing in Colombian lands.”

For further information on the Huairasinchi race –


Las inscripciones están abiertas para participar en el HUAIRASINCHI Colombia 2016. Los equipos deben completar su pre-inscripción en linea y realizar el pago para ser considerados dentro de la lista de equipos.

Las inscripciones se mantendrán abiertas desde hoy viernes, 18 de marzo hasta el viernes, 15 de julio, o hasta agotar los cupos.

La carrera será de 3 días para equipos en la categoría aventura (160 km) y 4 días para equipos elite (500 km). Publicaremos más información en el primer Comunicado Técnico en mayo.

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