Barcelona Trail Races is born

After three years of Ultratrail Collserola (UTC) that have made us grow in this privileged mountain, the Barcelona Trail Races is born. Keeping the spirit of UTC, basically following its track, the BCN Trail Races arrives with something new. The most notable is the reduction of the four distances that had so far in two: the Gran Trail Collserola, 76 kilometers, and the Mitja Volta al Parc, 46 kilometers. It has also changed the location of the competition center, the start and finish, which this year come to lie in the Velodrome of Horta in Barcelona. Likewise there has been a change in the route, which has had to adapt to the requirements of the new legislation Collserola Natural Park. All changes have been made to adapt the race to new environmental requirements and in order to get you to continue enjoying an amazing race designed to discover the paths of Collserola Natural Park.


«One more year we will have ultra in Collserola

After a third edition that we wanted to be the one witch stabilized the start point and races, reaches the fourth … with more news. Some of the changes made will allow us to adapt to the new rules of Collserola Park. Others are result of these first, make us cut the races that we offered.

This year 2016 unfortunately we can only count with the ultra race, which renamed Gran Trail Collserola and with the Mitja Volta al Parc. The other distances disappear although we know that many of you were more comfortable precisely with these shorter races. But we have to adapt to external conditions, and is the only solution we have found.

For the two races we continue doing, there will be changes in the tracks, again made to adapt to the demands of the Park. However, the new itineraries maintain the percentage of past and we have even managed not vary the proportion of tracks and paths.

Finally, the other significant change affects the most visible part of the race: the name. From now on, and to visualize the overall changes, we thought its appropriate to change the name to make it more personality. Barcelona Trail Races is the name chosen and that from now encompass the two races that will take place: Grand Trail Collserola and Mitja Volta al Parc.

When do the changes we have been guided by the desire to continue offering you a quality races, that are respectful not only to the environment but also with the regulations of the park, with which we are compromise. Also, we try, to the extent that we can help spread the teaching standards and relate to the protected environment.

Finally, we can only hope that you return to enjoy this race, that we try becomes one of the protected parts of this park.»

La Nova Fita
Monica Aguilera and Marc Ràfols
April 20, 2016


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