ARWS China – Xtrail Expedition 2016

An AR World Series Demonstration Event will be held from 23-28 Sep 2016 in the wild and remote Altay region of the Xinjiang province, in far North-Western China. The non-stop 300km expedition adventure race is the first ARWS event in Asia and will feature mountain biking across the vast nomadic plains, kayaking picture perfect alpine lakes and trekking through surreal granite landscapes of the Altay Mountains.

To encourage international teams of all abilities to enter this years race, the race organisers, Xtrail Expeditions, are offering a number of one off incentives for this year’s demonstration race. They will not be repeated in future events. Incentives include, a reduced price entry fee of $1,000 USD per team, free transfers to/from Urumqi (arrival city) to Altay (race city), all accommodation and some food in Altay, and a $600 USD cash payment per international athlete on arrival to assist with travel expenses in China. Teams of four athletes can be Mixed, All Male or All Female, though only the mixed category is eligible for prizes.

Entries are limited to 25 international teams and 25 Chinese national teams. Enter quickly to confirm your spot! Download the Entry Form, complete, and email to Payments can be made via PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer.
Mixed teams will be racing for an incredible prize purse of $50,000 USD awarded to the top 5 teams (breakdown is 1st – $20,000 / 2nd – $12,000 / 3rd – $8,000 / 4th – $6,000 and 5th $4,000).
The ARWS will be producing a one hour special to air on National Geographic as well as filming a number of other ARWS races for the international television shows.

In preparation for becoming a full ARWS Qualifier in 2017, Xtrail Expeditions will use the ARWS Rules of Competition and the ARWS Mandatory Equipment List. The race is unsupported and team equipment will be moved by the organisation. As it is a demonstration race, ARWS ranking points and qualification for this years AR World Championship will not apply.


22 SEP 2016

– Transfers from your accommodation in Urumqi to Altay

– Arrival of athletes, media and officials to the LakeKanas Guest House, Altay.
23 SEP 2016
– Registration all day, LakeKanas Guest House

– 0800-1030 Breakfast

– 1400-1530 Lunch

– 1600-1730 Technical briefing

– 1800-2000 Equipment checks

– 2030-2200 Dinner
24 SEP 2016

– 0800-0930 Breakfast

– 0930 Shuttle bus to Lake Kanas

– 1100 Opening ceremony

– 1140 Prologue

– 1500 Shuttle bus return to LakeKanas Guest House

– 2000-2130 Dinner
25 SEP 2016

– 0600-0700 Equipment packing

– 0730-0830 Breakfast

– 0830 Shuttle bus to start line

– 0930 Race start
26 SEP 2016

– all day racing
27 SEP 2016

– all day racing

– winners finish early on the 24th (40 – 48 hours of racing)
28 SEP 2016

– 1730 Course close (80 hours racing)

– 1930 Awards ceremony, Altay Gold Mountain Square
29 SEP 2016
1000 – Transfer to Urumqi, departure time TBC
The race organisation will arrange accommodation for teams once in the Altay region for any nights that they are not racing.
Teams will make their own arrangements for accommodation in Urumqi prior to the transfer. In Urumqi, there are a lot of accomodation options. High end hotels include the Zhonghe Hotel (four stars), Sheraton Urumqi (five stars) and Hilton Urumqi (five stars). Moderate options include JI Hotel Hongshan Urumqi (three stars) and the Airport Hotel Urumqi (close to airport).

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