Raid international Gaspésie third edition in @arearaider. (Canadá)

164 athletes, 70 teams, 13 countries, 150 or 300 km in 4 days!


   From September 8th to 11th, for a third consecutive year, the coastal town of Carleton-sur-Mer,  located in the beautiful Gaspésie region in Quebec (Canada), will once again be the background of a sports event hosting international and national passionate extreme sports outstanding athletes. With 84 athletes at its first edition, the RIG will host twice the participants this year. Another interesting fact, half of the teams competing in the 150 km are women duets.

The International Gaspésie Raid (RIG) is an intense multi-sports adventure race taking place in a breathtaking natural setting. In addition to being located in a sea and mountain area, the raid is an environmentally friendly sporting event where nature in addition to the beautiful Gaspésie landscapes and a healthy and active lifestyle are featured.

Those intrepid racers take part in an adventure race in which they must surpass themselves as they have to cover, by team, with minimum gear, a distance of 300 km (41 teams) or 150 km (29 teams) on a four-day period in a series of non-motorized natural-sport disciplines while progressing through an environment where sky, earth and sea are one. Each edition brings its share of surprises since the route changes completely to always offer new challenges and allow racers to discover the exceptional beauty of the Gaspésie region.

They need an unbreakable team spirit as the hardest challenge in this kind of journey is to overpass psychological challenges more than physical challenges, even though this latter is not to minimize. To get through, they have to show an incredible adaptation capacity, and the experienced adventure racers know that: they have to expect anything but what was predictedThe teams will have to rely on their expertise, their judgment, on the trust in their teammates, and to do with the nature and the conditions and not against them. A good racing strategy notably has to take into account the selection of the gear, the itineraries, and to skilfully manage the resting periods and the food.


To go through this, trust between the team members, sharing and humility is essential. The teams doing the RIG live extreme emotions, huge joys, anxious moments, adrenaline rushes, and they cross the finish line with a huge feeling of pride that they will share with others for a very long time.


The International Raid Gaspésie is also remarkable for the diversity of teams that will be on the start line . The participants come from South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Spain, Estonia, the USA, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Uruguay in addition to Canada. The craze and interest for this growing sport is undeniable.


The kick off for the event will be September 8th at 1 :00 pm.


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