Teams Raid in France on MTB 

​Ten teams had to cut-off at TMB: CLJ Aventure (1), DSN74 – Yogi Tea (6), ROC Mecojit (8), Barbar Stages Survie (11), Team Camusard (16), Vertical Dissidents (20), DSN74 – (22), Team Belgium (24), Intersport Lyon (25) and Aventure X-Perience (26). As they didn’t manage to reach AT4/CP12 this Tuesday before 9:15am, these teams will be stopped there during 10 hours and won’t run the mountain trekking loop, taking place in the Carança gorges and through the Fossa del Gegant peak. They will leave directly from AT5/CP14 tonight from 7:15pm.

More info:

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