​Crowded day in the Carança gorges#RIF 2016

On this third day of race, the Canraça gorges and the top of the Géant peak, second highest point of this 8th edition of Raid in France, were a bit crowded.
The teams progressed from chain-bridges to footbridges carved in the cliffs to get to the pyrenean subalpine meadows.

The Géant peak culminating at 2,881 meters offered the racers a wonderful view on Catalonia.
At this stage, two race profiles can be distinguished. In first place, the 9 teams which are still in the full race. In the lead, the New-Zealander team Seagate are way ahead in pole position and already took 9 hours of sleep. They are followed closely by the French of 400 Team, RaidsAventure.fr, who progressed quickly during the day, Issy Aventure and Arverne Outdoor. At, 6:00pm, the 8 other team were progressing in the mountain trek loop.
A second group has been formed by the 9 teams forced to stop at the Carança gorges because of the cut-off. At 7:00pm this Tuesday, most of these teams started the mountain bike connection leading to stage E which is a 70-km section in a rolling landscape heading to Saint-Paul de Fenouillet. La team DSN 74 Outdoorvalley.fr (22) was stoped by the organization due to its lateness on the rest of the race and is waiting for the instructions. Then, remain 3 teams out of ranking, including the Finn of Woodman (23). Their team-mate, Nico Toimela, withdrew from the race at the top af de Géant peak. His health condition tonight is good.
The leading teams are waited next Thursday on the beach of Saint-Pierre la Mer. They have 2 more intense day of race left through the beautiful and completely different landscapes of the Agly valley and the Corbières. All the teams are longing to begin this second part of the race which promises to be more fun, especially the gorgeous ropes climb up and zip-lines next to discover the Castles of the Cathares lands.
The atmosphere at AT4-AT5
6:15pm : the teams Arverne Outdoor (2), Aventure X-perience (26), Barbar Stages Survie (11), Intersport Lyon (25) et CLJ Aventure (1) are discussing strategy. Boosted by the messages (trail-mail) of their relatives distributed by the organization, they all hope to go back on the race rested and to go through all of the stages until the finish line. Aventure X-perience (26) reached AT4/CP12 tired but with their heads full of pictures. The team captain, Daniel Gallardo Masa, explains that he had some troubles orienteering at night. However, he highlights the beauty of the landscapes they saw. As they almost did’nt take mandatory sleeping hours, the team plans on resting 2 hours before embarking on the rest of the adventure. One member of the team felt asleep during the conversation…
7:00pm : when they arrived at AT4 à 18h30, the team Vertical Dissidents (20) decides to take some hours of rest before starting the mountain bike section. Janne Geurts,
de prendre quelques heures de repos avant de se lancer dans la portion de VTT. Janne Geurts, relates all of their good, despite a small setback.The bike of one of her team-mates broke on the previous stage; the team desperately looked for  a way to fix it in the villages around, without success. As the team was slowed down, they didn’t managed to embark on the trek loop, but they hope to repair the bike in the next mountain bike stage.
7:28pm : Roc Mecojit (8) and Team Camusard (16) arrived at AT4 very closely. Team 8 is very satisfyied with their route. The team achieved all the objectives they set: to cross the Carlit peak at the sunset, to reach the raft stage in time, a section for which theteam particularly prepared. The mindset is really positive ! Next objective: reach the Galamus Canyon on time which is a section that the team has been longing to discover.
7:50pm : The Finn of team Woodman (23) were 3 to reach AT5 because their team-mate was repatriated. This event  kind of brought their motivation down but they still want to finish this adventure. Their attitude has changed : they are not focused on the time anymore as they are now out of ranking, they want to take care of themselves. The program : a good meal and few hours of rest before the  avant de s’attaquer au VTT.

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