Lo​XVI Red Fox Adventure Race hosts the European Championship 2017! Test your limits!

Are you ready to test your limit in the 2017 Adventure Racing European Championship? For the 6th time the Red Fox Adventure Race powered by Polartec® is scheduled as part of the AREuroseries calendar.
It’s time for the European Championship!
The venue and date are already known! The largest Adventure Race in Russia will host the Adventure Race European Championship for 2017 from the 9th to 13th of June in one of the most beautiful places – Karelia!
Dates: June, 9-13
Location: Karelia, Sortavalsky District

Race distance: 395 km

Expected leader’s time: 55 hours

Teams: of 4 racers

Race format: Non stop, 72 hours
Race Center: the Reuskula village at the north coast of Ladoga Lake; 280 km from St. Petersburg in Sortavalsky District of the Republic of Karelia, near the border of Russia and Finland.

The site of the AREC 2017 is a location that will challenge even the strongest teams. The Karelian Peninsula is famous for an austere beauty, severe weather conditions and picturesque landscapes. Here you can find everything for adventure race masters. Kayaking routes are laid along amazing labyrinths of islands and skerries. During the trekking sections racers will navigate through densely wooded hilly terrain with many challenging walls of rocks. As you might guess, the mountain bike stages will be a dynamic mix of forest trails and asphalt roads.

Past contestants agree, it is a bewildering mix of natural obstacles and a personal test of stamina. Expect to see something really impressive! We promise you an unbelievably fun, challenging course!
Organizers are preparing exciting and highly charged routes with a lot of variety. Each check point will be difficult to find, inimitably beautiful, and unique. The distance will be with many changes of stages. To win the AREC2017 teams need to use both tactical and technical skills, including orienteering, and be well versed in all forms of movement.

Time to start training! The “land of white nights” is calling for elite European teams who are ready to push their boundaries with a real taste of adventure!
Every participant will experience the following unforgettable stages:

– Mountain biking. Race distance: 204 km

– Kayaking. Race distance: 108 km

– Trekking. Race distance: 77 km

– Paddling on boards. Race distance: 5.5 km

– Fixed ropes. 4 routes.

– Rock-climbing. 3 routes.
Don’t miss this event! The 2017 Adventure Racing European Championship will start at 13:00 on 10th June, 2017! We await for your arrival!

Official race web site: http://www.adventure-race.redfox.ru/

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