SA in AR World Champ in NSW Australia .

​xpedition Africa organising duo; Heidi and Stephan Muller will venture over to Australia along with two South African adventure racing teams to represent their country and the love for adventure racing in the Adventure Racing World Championships this November.

The Shoalhaven will be the host region for this year’s World champs which is set to be the biggest expedition race ever to be held in the history of adventure racing. The 99 world wide representing teams will take on the 600km route which will only be revealed just before the race commences; and teams will have 8 consecutive days to competed the course. 

The recently introduced ARWC nationality rules specifies that at least 3 of the 4 members within the adventuring teams must be from the representing country in order to ensure that world championship event represents a true adventure race championship of nations.

Team Sanlam Painted Wolf; winners of Expedition Africa 2017 and team Merrell Adventure Addicts will travel to Australia this week to take on the 600km gruelling adventure race of a lifetime. 

«The World Championship is a life ambition for us, we are thrilled to have Sanlam partner with us to make it happen. Success in adventure racing begins with getting the right team, the right mind-set , the right preparation and the right tools for the job to deal with the diverse and unpredictable nature of the challenge. Sanlam identifies with this, which is why they are the best team to have on board» says Mark Collins; captain of team Sanlam Painted Wolf» shares team caption; Mark Collins.

«6 years ago; competitive passion, enthusiasm, mutual respect and a common outlook on an absurd life brought the four core members of the Merrell Adventure Addicts together with a new sponsor whose manifesto echoed our outlook. Through all our adventures while racing, training and living our lives; Tatum Prins, Hanno Smit, Donovan Sims and myself have formed a very strong bond» Shares team captain; Graham Bird.

The original Merrell Adventure Addicts will race together for the first time since 2012; representing their country along with team Sanlam Painted Wolf and the other 97 championship teams 

According to ARWC race director, Craig Bycroft; there is a somewhat unfamiliar list of Adventure Racing World Series winners entered into the world champs this year, of which new teams have begun breaking through, featuring team Sanlam Painted Wolf amongst others looking to challenge the established teams once again. «Any of these could be the dark horses of the race» shares Bycroft.

«Racing in the ARWC is the ultimate test, and test ourselves against the best teams. Expedition Africa was a great race for us, and really revived our spirit when it comes to adventure racing, and this is the next step from there» further shares Collins of Team Sanlam Painted Wolf.

South African photographers Terence Vrugtman and Kirsten Oliver will travel through to Australia to document the exciting and gruelling world champs event. «Adventure racing events are saturated with stories of passion, emotion and action, that are told through beautiful moments captured on camera.  I am thrilled to be joining the ARWS team and media crew to photograph the prestigious Adventure Racing World Championships 2017 in Shoalhaven, Australia. Further I have the added privilege of following and capturing the journey of the South African team Merrell Adventure Addicts, who are currently ranked 5th in the world.  I am looking forward to being a story-teller for this event and for being part of the Merrell Adventure Addicts and the other teams journey,  and then sharing them with the world» shares Oliver.

Former adventure racer; Andrew King of D4 Productions will venture through the ARWC terrain videoing teams as they tackle this gruelling 600km adventure race of a life time and Sarah Hern will track the Merrell Adventure Addicts, and report to the world of their progress.

Supporters from all over the world can monitor and track their teams via live tracking systems and viewing available: Follow the excitement and join in the camaraderie of a race that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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