Red Bull Defiance 21st and 22nd of January 2017

“If there is any multisport race to do in the world right now, Red Bull Defiance is it!”

Jess Simson: Women’s One Day Coast to Coast Champion 2014

Red Bull Defiance is a new and unique race format that combines off road running, kayaking and mountain bike endurance disciplines, with the creative element of undisclosed special stages. Designed by Braden Currie, New Zealand’s foremost adventure and multisport racer, the course has been designed to test athletes over two challenging days, racing along side the worlds best multisport and endurance athletes. A two-person team race, the course will see athletes competing over 8 exclusive high country stations in the Wanaka region in either elite or sports category divisions. Red Bull Defiance will challenge both mentally and physically a field of local and international competitors. Can you defy the odds?

Course Creator of Red Bull Defiance, Braden Currie:
Speaking as the ‘athlete’ representative of Red Bull Defiance, I would like to invite you to race an event that is super close to home for me.
Everybody has a dream; chances are you share a very similar dream to mine. My vision has always been doing what I am doing now, but I know deep down I will always strive for more; for that better run, bike, swim or kayak. The more opportunity and race time I can get in my home country, the more experience I gain and the better I can become. The same goes for any athlete. It means a lot to me to be branching out and becoming involved in the creation of multisport events within NZ, whilst at the same time chasing my own dream to become the world’s best. Looking back over the last three years I am thankful for my experiences, the races I was able to take part in and I am stoked to be involved in designing an event that will offer other athletes yet another new exciting experience and opportunity, especially within NZ. I am honoured to be a part of something that is going to help by providing another vehicle for athletes on their way up. Taking multi-sport to a whole other level!


#RBDefiance2017 21st and 22nd of January 2017

New Zeland


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