North America’s Premier Expedition Race crossed into Canada for the first time! September 6-15, 2017

As a Primal Quest team, you’ll be part of North America’s premier non-stop, 10-day expedition adventure race. Co-ed teams of 4 test mind, body and spirit over 400 miles of nature’s greatest challenges; trail run, mountain bike, white water kayak, ocean and lake paddle, mountaineer and rock climb.

The 2017 Primal Quest race will place you in the equally stunning and rugged Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Teams will have the opportunity to take in this world-renowned natural wonder before, during, and after the race, which takes place from September, 6 -15, 2017.
Register your team. Share your Adventures. Become a Sponsor. Learn more by visiting our website at
“We inspire, share and celebrate the journey towards the inevitable transformative benefits that result from testing the limits of human endurance and embracing a healthy, conscientious, outdoor active lifestyle.” – The Primal Quest Team


The Primal Quest Experience

Primal Quest is perfect for athletes hungry to experience an ultimate lifetime adventure.
The course will be more than challenging, with epic climbs and quick descents. The 8th Edition course is set in remote areas of BC and racers will be surrounded by stunning scenic glaciers, hundreds of miles of single-track trails, untouched back-country, and pristine glacial mountains.


Follow the Adventure

Watch racers’ journeys unfold. Families, coworkers, friends, adventurers — join the expedition! Connect with our Facebook community, where you’ll go behind-the-scenes and experience what it’s like to be in the racers’ shoes, kayaks, and crampons. Then gather friends and watch the race LIVE. Cheer on the teams and get in-the-moment updates on our Facebook or see the latest full-feature show on Outside TV.

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