Adventure racers soon to explore the Kouga in toughest event on calendar . Expedition Africa 2017

Athletes from all over the world will explore the notorious Adventure Province in this year’s Expedition Africa 500km adventure race taking place in the Cape St Francis area. Organiser and route designer Stephan Muller from Kinetic Events has designed the adventure playground for this year’s Adventure Racing World Series event, which will venture teams of two and four through the Kouga and Baviaans Regions.

The route has been carefully designed to incorporate all the challenging, yet beautiful attractions this glorious area has to offer. «Teams will trek, kayak and cycle through extremely remote areas, venturing where few humans have ever set foot before. Expedition Africa 2017’s teams will explore through magnificent mountain ranges and onto beautiful coastlines of the Eastern Cape,» said Muller.

The highlight of this year’s course will be the Baviaans Region, home to the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest of its kind in Southern Africa. The 225 000 HA mega-reserve boasts unspoiled, rugged mountainous terrain featuring spectacular landscapes exposing athletes from far and wide to an entirely new kind of beauty. For the first time in the history of Expedition Africa there will be a “Dark Zone” along one of the hiking legs, as teams will not be allowed to travel during night. This is to ensure the safety of the teams as they will traverse though an African Wildlife area.

«An event like Expedition Africa will not only reveal athletes to such beauty but will create a most memorable camaraderie amongst all athletes taking part. Such an experience will truly showcase the Love of Adventure we all share» expresses co-race organiser, Heidi Muller.


The Cape St Francis Resort is the official accommodation host for this year’s Expedition Africa. The event headquarters and race village will be at the Cape St Francis Resort, bringing the event to life from 12 to 21 May 2017. “We are extremely excited to be part of this once off opportunity for adventure racers to really go places where few have set foot before,” says Anita of the Cape St Francis Resort. “We are a family oriented Resort, but big supporters of sporting events, big and small.”

With the mildest temperatures and the longest sunshine hours along the coast, Cape St Francis is a unique and exclusive paradise found in the Kouga Region on South Africa’s southern coast. This destination draws holidaymakers from all over the world to enjoy the glorious beaches, excellent water facilities, leisure lifestyle and the magical beauty of its unspoilt surroundings.

All Photo Credit: Bruce Viaene /

While teams discover and explore parts of this untouched Adventure Province, their families will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the area, and what the Kouga has to offer. “Explore the wave, experience the valley, discover your roots, that is exactly what our racers and their supporters will do during this year’s Expedition Africa,” says Esti Stewart from the Kouga Local Tourism Organisation, the co-host. “Whether you are physically here, or following the race online, we are ready to showcase our Kouga.”

Live tracking will be available, creating a sleepless dot-watching experience as the excitement builds in anticipation for the first team to cross the finish line for 2017. By following the site, families, friends and fellow supporters are able to share in such anticipation from the comfort of their homes, 24 hours a day.

With many local teams entered into the event, the multiple supporter transitions will enhance the camaraderie and ensure ongoing excitement travels throughout the Kouga and Baviaans. The organisers are confident that locals will have the chance to meet teams along the course of the race. “By following the teams online, our locals will be ready to support the many teams from their shops and restaurants as they pass by,” says Stewart.

  • Name: Expedition Africa
  • Dates: 12 May 2017 to 21 May 2017
  • Province: Eastern Cape, Kouga and Baviaans
  • Host Venue: Cape St Francis Resort

Get in touch with the organisers! or simply visit for constant updates of videos and other interesting information.

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