Smiles all around .. Open5 Series is here.. 

.. even if it might hurt

The Open5 series never ceases to amaze me – what gives this event life is the locations we visit, you can never tire of places like Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales as we witnessed in the last event.  There was not one person without a big smile in that hall at the end of the last event (plenty of “what iffs”).

Check out the pics from the Last Open5 on Facebook here, and see a select few below.  Taken by James Kirby

We continue our tour with the Open5 series with the next event in Shropshire – this will be our 3rd visit to this part of the world and there is a good reason for it as any previous racers will testify.  Expect a memorable day and well worth the journey to this part of the country for great running and cycling.

Online entries close at midnight on Thursday 2nd March.  Entries on the Day available.

Lakes Traverse

We have just announced a new event on the 2018 calendar, the Lakes Traverse.  A 60 mile ultra run across the Lake District from St Bees to Shap and will run alongside the Northern Traverse..  entries for this great journey will open on 12th May 2017 a year in advance.

Lakes in a Day

I recall sitting at the finish line on the first event at 3 in the morning still with a lot of runners out on the course, thinking man I’ve messed up this event is too hard.  The following year the number of people on the start line doubled!  Peculiar bunch are ultra runners – yet each year they come back. Nothing can take away that satisfaction of reaching Cartmel to see that map of the Lake District and think I’ve just crossed that.  7th October 2017
Entries are still open but are about 80% full.

Increasingly Open Adventure has been working with Joe Faulkner from NAV4 adventure, if you happen to find yourself at an Open5 you will have had the pleasure of his delicious cakes.  Alongside Tea and Cake, Joe and his team do a tidy job of helping people get to grip with navigation.  If you are looking at any of our events and that tingle of doubt hits you then maybe worth giving Joe and his team a shout. Photo Eddie Winthorpe

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