​Fun in the Sun at the Amaxa Xathlon! Japan . 

The 5th Annual Amaxa X-Athlon 2016  will be held on July 17th, 2016  in Kuratake Town, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, JAPAN. The X-Athlon is a multi-sport race that includes sea kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, mountain biking, trail running and paragliding. We have developed exciting and challenging race courses for each of these disciplines. We cordially invite athletes from around Japan and overseas to participate in the Amaxa X-Athlon. 
Registration is open from May 1st to June 19th.

Register early to guarantee your spot!
*Summer Fun for family and friends  
This year`s X-Athlon is not only for athletes but for family and friends too. The main venue for the Amaxa X-Athlon is Ebisu Beach; a beautiful white sand beach located in the historical village of Kuratake. At the beach you can enjoy: watching paragliders flying and landing on the beach, sea kayak and SUP workshops, live music and dancing, locally produced food, a BBQ (evening), swimming and relaxing.
What exactly is Amaxa X-Athlon? 
The Xathlon is a challenging outdoor multi-sport race created mainly for the adventurous intermediate-level athlete. Push your limits while kayaking, paddleboarding, mountain biking, trail running and paragliding in Amaxa’s beautiful mountains, sea and sky. Participants are welcome to join as few or as many events as they want. Become the ultimate  X-Athlete by competing in the maximum possible four events.  Team participation is also possble

Here is a brief summary of the outdoor sports and their race courses as featured in the X-Athlon:
Sea kayaking/SUP (8.4km) 
Start at Ebisu beach and weave your way around some beautiful uninhabited islands before returning to the beach.  The sea kayak and SUP races take place simultaneously, on the same course. 
MTB (20km)
Ready your lungs for a long and demanding climb from the beach to the summit of Mt.Yahazu, then hold on tight as you negotiate a technical downhill single track. Descend a twisty forest road at breakneck speed, then cruise along the seacoast back to the beach.
Trail Run (4.9km)
Don’t let the short distance fool you, this is a difficult course! Run from the beach through the idyllic, rock wall lined village of Tanasoko. Enter the welcome shade of the forest and continue the grind up a hiking trail to the paragliding launch, 455m above sea level. Enjoy the view and watch paragliders take off from the trail run finish!
Soar high above the hamlets, islands and mountains while attempting to fly around 18 preset pylon points. Finish your flight by hitting the target at Ebisu Beach. 

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