An old club is young and fit

An old club is young and fit

It was an event that will leave its mark in the history books of TV. The club with the largest number of members in the municipality opened the celebrations for its 150th anniversary with a festive reception in the angerturnhalle. Jubilee.
The event was a promotion for gymnastics. The association's management had set itself the goal, beyond long speeches, to offer those present an entertaining review of the association's history, garnished with appealing presentations. Similar to the vividly illustrated festschrift, the youthful character of the jubilee club was also clearly evident here.

350 children and teenagers

"Almost 350 children and young people are trained and inspired for the sport in our club by 21 trained training leaders", said club chairman clemens weisser. At the same time he saw the gymnastics club as a "service provider" for the population as a whole, given the extensive range of sports on offer and the countless cultural events in the club's own gymnasium. The hall is an enormous financial challenge for the club. Only thanks to the support of the community and more than 2,000 hours of own work was it possible to make the building fit for the anniversary year.

Rough praise from the mayor

Mayor Helmut Fischer (CSU) congratulated as patron. With a view to his own life, he emphasized the importance of the TVM for the community. He described the club's financial performance and sporting successes as exemplary. Fischer especially praised the great continuity within the association, which is ensured by the commitment of some families.
The president of the gymnastics club, winfried weinbeer, saw the gymnastics club in michelau as a "social center of our homeland". The club is embedded in the large family of gymnastics clubs with which the TVM repeatedly enters into sporting alliances. As a personal sign of his appreciation, he signed his declaration of membership in the TVM on the anniversary evening.

Comprehensive chronicle created

The "michelau expert" had a rough time of it and local historian ernst schmidt with the reappraisal and the contemporary presentation of the club's chronicle. In a po wer-point presentation, he combined historical and current images with flashbacks to the most important events of the last 150 years.
The review spanned the arc from the first beginnings of the gymnastics and sports movement as a result of the first german gymnastics festival in coburg in 1860 to the present day. Five michelauer manner were the first, which participated as members of the lichtenfelser gymnastics club regularly in the exercise hours, around "knowledge in gymnastics" to attain.

Unproductive phase

On 12. April 1862 the club was founded with 15 founding members. 1870 a connection between the gymnastics club and the fire department was established. This unproductive phase lasted until 1890.
The first world war tore a painful hole in the ranks of the gymnasts. After 1920, the construction of the club gymnasium, which was inaugurated in 1925, was carried out with great privation. The gymnasium and even the anger had to be used as a competition venue, which was proven by historical pictures.
The second world war meant the end of gymnastics for the time being. As early as 1946, efforts were made to re-register the association, which was able to celebrate its flag-raising ceremony in 1950.
Among the outstanding personalities in the post-war history were the head teacher ernst luft, the long-serving youth director andreas ruhr, the track and field athletes hermann nemmert and siegfried backert, as well as the long-serving head gymnastics coach rudi gick and the successful youth gymnastics coach edi stark.

A team that has grown together

The current board of directors with clemens weisser, holger schmidt and barbara nehling emerged from this work with young talents. "Everyone has become rough in the club, knows the problems, has grown together as a team and has always found a way to solve problems despite all, often opposing opinions", the historian emphasized.
To the "live acts the entertainment value of the evening included the performance of the enchanting "fever bambies", a driving floor gymnastics of the male and female performance squads as well as a renewed appearance of the "mannerballett.
There followed a round of congratulations from the local clubs and gymnastics clubs from neighboring towns, who expressed their congratulations to TV michelau. Many club representatives emphasized the close ties between their clubs and TV michelau. The representatives from schwurbitz and oberwallenstadt emphasized that they owed a lot to the TVM, as the michelau club had done the groundwork for them.
Together, everyone is pushing toward the 150th anniversary of the club's founding. Then the festive reception ended with the gymnastics song.

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