Back to the “home at the stove”: dgb warns against a return to the wrong image of women

Back to the 'home at the stove': dgb warns against a return to the wrong image of women

"Equal rights are enshrined in the constitution", said DGB vice-chairwoman elke hannack to the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. "This should also be remembered by those who now want to start a new debate on conservatism", said hannack, who is also vice chairwoman of the christian democratic labor union.

"A new conservatism – what is that??", according to hannack. "A return to the home at the stove and the man as sole breadwinner – this role model has long since ceased to be viable." Women and men wanted to live a self-determined life and be able to better combine work and family life.

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"for the first time, the union will be led by a party leader and a secretary-general, in the SPD parliamentary group we will have a party leader for the first time, and the federal cabinet will in all likelihood consist of almost half women", said hannack. She hopes that this will give a boost to equal rights. Even after 100 years of women’s suffrage, there is still no equal political participation for women. It is bitter that the last time there were so few women in the bundestag was 19 years ago.

The new government must address all hurdles that prevent women from participating equally in working life. Hannack spoke of a "pay gap", a "working time gap and a "pension gap between women and men.

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