Bookaus new pastor couple

One thing was clear to claudia and ulrich jobst from the very beginning: they definitely wanted to return to a pastorate in the countryside. And this request was to be fulfilled against. Claudia and ulrich jobst are the new buchau pastoral couple. They thus ended the one-year vacancy that began with the departure of pastor wolfgang heidenreich.

At least ulrich jobst is somewhat familiar with buchau. The 41-year-old was born in kulmbach and grew up in lichtenfels. The rude parents came from folschnitz. "When we visited them, we often went via buchau. I have always liked this place", he explains. When the position was advertised, he said he could well imagine "that it would fit.

The timing was favorable
But not only that. The timing was also favorable. Son karl johann (10) has finished fourth grade. A move to another school and a new environment was on the cards anyway. "He now goes to the "markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium", declares the pastor.

The 44-year-old and her husband met while studying theology in neuendettelsau. Other places of study were vienna and tubingen. The couple took up their first pastorate in zeilitzheim (county of schweinfurt) and krautheim (county of kitzingen). A constellation not unlike that of buchau/weismain. Pastor ulrich jobst taught school and took care of confirmation and youth work. He will also teach at the elementary school in weismain. Claudia jobst was concerned about the congregation's work. After eleven years, the move to buchau now follows.

"It was a good time because the people were very open-minded", claudia jobst looks back. They have been allowed to try out a lot: church weeks on certain topics, new forms of worship with bands and modern music. "That was very well received, there was always more going on than in the normal service. Younger people and young families were disproportionately represented."

Whether this will work in buchau, too, is something they can't say: "the desire to do something like this here has to come from the community, you can see. Ulrich and claudia jobst are clear that nothing is being decided against the church board, but rather that a common path is being sought. They were happy to revive youth work. "During the vacancy period, everything suffers a bit", says the 41-year-old.

The couple, who had only moved into the parsonage a few days ago, felt well received in buchau: church leaders, staff and neighbors had already buried them, brought bread and salt with them.
Something else about her hobbies: claudia jobst is learning italian ("because i like the language and the country") and the guitar ("that's practical in the ministry"). Her husband likes gardening and felting. "These are quiet jobs and a good balance to the lessons."

Church service
After a one-year vacancy, the parish of buchau will be filled by the theologian. September with the theologian couple claudia and ulrich jobst. The church service with inauguration in buchau st. Michaelskirche will take place on 8. September at 2 p.M. Weismain is also part of the buchau pastorate.

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