"The completion of the rehabilitation work on the high reservoir in zeitlofs is a good opportunity for us to show the public a few things that otherwise tend to remain hidden", water manager matthias hauke described the idea for this information event. "And the citizen can also see exactly what is happening with his money and tax money", mayor wilhelm friedrich (CSU) explained.

The people in charge had put together an extensive and interesting program for the drinking water day, which started on sunday morning at the treatment plant near the grieshof farm. During hourly tours, hauke and his colleagues not only explained the technical equipment in the building to the visitors, but also explained how the many pipes and devices work. Whether flat-bed aerated. Single-layer filter, UV system or demand pumps – the experts provided detailed information on all the requisites.

Hsh trial: ex-top bankers attack prosecutors

The charge is "completely unacceptable" to him, former chief executive hans berger told the 8. Gross criminal division of the hamburger district court. His former colleague on the board, jochen friedrich, declared: "i still consider my decision to be correct, even after reading the indictment, which is in large part uplifting."The defense attorneys of the defendants bernhard visker and peter rieck also "emphatically" rejected the accusations.

The public prosecutor's office accuses the six former board members of embezzlement in a particularly serious case. They had not carefully weighed the opportunities and risks in the complex "omega 55" deal in december 2007 and thus caused a loss of 158 million euros. Two of the defendants are also accused of accounting fraud, because the business was deliberately not correctly accounted for.

"Growing old", as one book title puts it "is not for cowards". What many fear at the end of a long life is not the number of years. They fear dementia. When a person who has lived a long, full life becomes as helpless as a two-year-old child, the relatives are often overwhelmed. The association remental in rodental was founded to help in such cases. In his care group, people suffering from dementia find a feeling of security.
"Our association was born out of necessity, says chairwoman heike beutnagel. The need arose in 2009. At that time, a private care facility for people affected by dementia in rodental was abandoned. Relatives of sick people looked for a solution and found it in their own initiative. Since then, people with varying degrees of dementia have been cared for in an apartment rented for this purpose.
Every day from 9 a.M. To 5 p.M., volunteers take care of the association's guests. "We are here also on holidays. Dementia knows no vacations, says heike beutnagel resolutely. But the care cannot be provided with volunteers alone. That is why remental works together with the private care service elan vital. "When it comes to administering medication, for example, only the nursing service is allowed to do that", explains the remental chairwoman.
For the guests – heike beutnagel is not talking about patients – the care group offers a quiet environment. In one room, nurse grazyna popella plays mensch arguer dich nicht with a visitor. Another sits next to her and reads while the nurse holds her hand. Another visitor has made herself comfortable in a recliner and is taking a nap. The whole atmosphere radiates a gentle sense of security.
Lunch is already served. Before it was not so quiet. "We attach great importance to doing the housework ourselves", explains heike beutnagel. Her experience is that such activities as cooking awaken memories in dementia patients. Immediately, work such as ironing or activities in the kitchen can be carried out again flawlessly. The caregiver experiences a similar effect with music. Heike beutnagel's guests often hum along to a melody she plays, and it is not uncommon for them to even remember entire lyrics from their childhood days long ago.
The living environment deliberately contains elements that might have been in german living rooms and cakes in the 50s or 60s. This seems to have a positive effect on the people with dementia.

The move is imminent
Heike Beutnagel is delighted that the association will soon be able to move into new premises. From the middle of january the care group will be located in the house schlesierstrabe 16. Remental already has close contacts there, where in recent years the model project "living in all phases of life" has been implemented in homes the housing development has been steadily expanded. There is a neighborhood management and the lebenshilfe association also has its headquarters there. With its communal rooms, handicapped-accessible construction and already close contact with the established facilities there, the new location is a real stroke of luck for heike beutnagel.
"We founded the forum schlesierstrabe", she says. In cooperation with all those involved in the senior living concept, afternoons are organized and parties are celebrated together. The harp group that heike beutnagel has founded also meets there. "Anyone can join us", she emphasizes. The age range in the group is from the early 20s to the late 80s. And everyone learns to play the table harp.
And that brings heike beutnagel back to her work for remental. "I also use the harp here for group work", she explains enthusiastically. "The gentle sound of the harp appeals to dementia sufferers."
The small association with its currently 19 members and a modest annual contribution of 30 euros, can make financially no great leaps. So the move into the new rooms becomes a financial feat. "We have a nice garden there with rough trees in it. But unfortunately we don't have any money for the design at the moment", she says. Suitable paths must be laid out and seating areas created. The financing for the terrace and a sunshade for the windows on the south side of the building is also not yet in place.
The wohnbau supports the association to the best of its ability. But when it comes to equipping the kitchen in such a way that it is possible to work optimally with guests suffering from dementia, then more money simply has to be invested than for a normal facility. "Without the support of the city, the district and the wohnbau, the project would not have been possible, praises heike beutnagel, who is absorbed in the work with dementia patients: "so much comes back. I simply realized that this is mine, this is what I want to do."

"Every year a grobubung in a different district", the district fire inspector harald albert of the volunteer fire department of bad kissingen took care of it. This year, the "fire department action week" included the following activities the district of hausen on the training plan. This time the fire was in the spacious buildings of the spa.

The fire brigades from aschach to oerlenbach and nudlingen had to go into action, whereby some of the town's fire brigades stayed in front in case a serious incident should occur somewhere during the almost three-hour training session.

Friedrich wants to short money for asylum seekers from the balkans

He wants asylum procedures to be accelerated and unauthorized applicants to be sent home quickly, the visa-free regime for the two balkan countries to be dropped. Lower saxony’s interior minister uwe schunemann (CDU) joined in the demand. The pro-asylum organization complained about the mood-setting.

The number of asylum seekers in germany has risen significantly. According to the federal ministry of the interior, 6691 people applied for asylum at the federal office for migration and refugees in september. Most of them – almost one third – came from serbia and macedonia. "It’s not as bad as in the 80s and 90s," friedrich admitted in the "bild" newspaper. In 1995, the number of asylum seekers was just under 167,000.

head of danske bank resigns after money laundering scandal

In the money laundering scandal surrounding danske bank, chief executive thomas borgen has announced his resignation. The bank failed to meet its responsibilities in the case, he explained. "I deeply regret this."

The public prosecutor’s office is investigating the money house because money worth several hundred million euros is alleged to have been laundered in an estonian branch. Danske bank is danemark’s largest credit institution.

Abakomowa's warning throw: obergfoll dreams of javelin gold

Defending champion maria abakumova has given javelin thrower christina obergfoll’s gold hopes a run for their money. The russian athlete clocked a strong 69.09 meters in the qualifying round of the world athletics championships in moscow.

After five silver medals at international championships, obergfoll hopes to finally land its first gold coup. She tried to take her rival’s warning lightly. "Quali is quali! For me it was a matter of throwing over the line. Everything else doesn’t matter," said the olympic silver medalist from offenburg after her 62.36 meters.

Quelle heiress schickedanz demands billions

This made the court at the start of the spectacular civil case against their former house bank sal. Oppenheim clear on tuesday. Schickedanz accuses the former management of the once great european private bank of riskily investing and squandering its billion euro assets against its will. She is demanding 1.9 billion euros from the bank, the ex-bank ceos who have since resigned, and her asset advisor josef esch. Her action for damages is directed against a total of 14 defendants.

However, presiding judge stefan singbartl said it was "hardly plausible" that schickedanz had always been against the investment decisions of her advisers on the one hand, but had never made this clear on the other hand. "So far, we are not yet convinced by the presentation," said singbartl. Schickedanz – who did not appear in court herself – had acquired a stake in the arcandor trading group, formerly karstadtquelle, in rough style and had also used loans from sal. Oppenheim repeatedly put money into the company. In 2009, the group collapsed – the 69-year-old lost practically all her assets.

Hairdressers in Kronach receive more than the minimum wage

The hairdressers don't understand all the fuss about the minimum wage for their industry, because according to the collective agreement, the pay for hairdressers is above the rate of 8.50 euros, which the minimum wage law requires from 1 january 2009. January prescribes.

"Those who are hardworking and committed even earn really good money", says master craftswoman carola beez, who runs several hairdressing studios in the kronach district. Those who perform well are rewarded with bonuses and commissions. This is also confirmed by her employee claudia raab from hablach near kronach. She has been in the hairdressing business for a quarter of a century, for two decades with carola beez. "The pay for us hairdressers is not as bad as people always say", confirms claudia raab. She used to earn very little, the longtime hairdresser remembers, but that has changed. "It's like any job. If I do my work well, I also earn accordingly."

Goldman sachs profit rises 168 percent

Thanks to good business on the stock markets and lower taxes, the US investment bank goldman sachs earned significantly more in 2018.

The bottom line was a net profit of nearly 10 billion U.S. Dollars (8.8 billion euros), up 168 percent from the previous year, according to goldman sachs in new york. Earnings grew by twelve percent to just under 37 billion dollars.