fdp politician warms to planned main center in knetzgau

FDP member of the bundestag andrew ullmann visited the town hall in knetzgau. Mayor stefan paulus (SPD/CWG) wrote to various members of parliament asking for support for the main information center (MIZ), which is to be built in knetzgau.

At a meeting attended by second mayor bernhard jilke (FDP/FB) and councillor udo vogt (FDP/FB), ullmann was informed about the MIZ, which paulus presented to him in detail. The guest from wurzburg spoke of a sensible project that effectively strengthens the main region from his point of view. The politician explained that it was necessary to work together on the project, especially on joint financing.

Dentists are very close to the covid 19 virus in their daily work. Because they cannot keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters during treatments, on the contrary: distances to the patient of three centimeters and less are the order of the day. In addition, dentists and orthodontists come into direct contact with the saliva of the patients.

The chairman of the dental association of kulmbach, andreas niklas, himself an orthodontist, now publicly denounced: "we have not yet received any protective equipment." With this, he confirms what the bavarian state dental association has been blatantly talking about in recent weeks.

Four fsme cases already caused by ticks - huml advises vaccination

Four people in bavaria have already contracted tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) this year. Yet the tick season has only just begun, said health minister melanie huml (CSU) in erlangen on tuesday. She therefore urgently advised vaccination, because the infectious disease early summer meningoencephalitis can cause permanent damage such as lameness in severe cases. TBE viruses transmitted by bloodsuckers can cause inflammation of the meninges, brain or spinal cord.

"Three vaccinations within one year are required for complete vaccination protection", explained nikolaus fruhwein, president of the bavarian society for immunology, tropical medicine and vaccination. "Overall, the vaccination is very well contracted and we recommend it especially to people who spend a lot of time in nature."
Last year, there were 123 TBE cases in bavaria – around 50 fewer than in 2013, but 33 more than in 2012. There has been no general decline in the use of the vaccine. "The TBE risk areas in bavaria have expanded considerably in recent years.", said huml. 80 of the 96 bavarian counties or independent cities are now considered risk areas. Most cases have occurred in the upper palatinate and lower bavaria so far. The risk from ticks is highest in the period from april to october. The animals become active as soon as it is at least six to eight degrees celsius during the day for a longer period of time.

At the end of 2018, it still looked as if the tender little plant of agritourism in the frankenwald would not survive the winter. After almost five years, the bavarian ministry of agriculture’s model project of the same name came to an end in december, and klaus schaumberg cleared out his desk at the kronach office of the food, agriculture and forestry department.

15 highly motivated stakeholders

Should almost five years of intensive work have been in vain?? By no means. Although it was not possible to establish the initiative in an existing institution such as the nature park or frankenwald tourism. For this, 15 highly motivated actors from the areas of farm vacations, direct marketing, adventure farms, tourism and gastronomy were found, who founded the association "agrotourismus frankenwald" at the end of december grundeten.