Spd does not want to become merkel's junior partner

"Something has gone out of kilter in our country. Germany needs a new balance," said party leader sigmar gabriel at the end of a "future congress" of the SPD parliamentary group. A balance between democracy and the market, the economy and social security, the top and the bottom: 1.3 million postcards are to be sent out to citizens to express their ideas for shaping germany.

The SPD formulates a clear claim to power one year before the federal election. "We are playing to win, not to place," said frank-walter steinmeier, chairman of the parliamentary group. One does not want to end up as a junior partner in a rough coalition. Alongside former finance minister peer steinbruck and party leader gabriel, he is seen as a possible candidate for chancellorship.

Merkel and macron postpone joint eu reform plan

Due to the protracted formation of a government in berlin, there will be no franco-german agreement on EU reform in march as planned, according to a "spiegel" report.

The original intention was expressed by chancellor angela merkel and france's president emmanuel macron at the last eu summit in december.

This is what you need to know about the rough price of belgium

For a year now, sebastian vettel has been fighting in vain for a victory in formula 1 racing. On his return to belgium, the ferrari star expects to be back on sunday (15.10 a.M./RTL and sky) nevertheless has chances.

In the so far rather monotonous world championship fight, lewis hamilton wants to take another step towards title number six on one of the most legendary circuits.

The altenkunstadt fire department was able to present an impressive balance sheet at this year's annual general meeting. The firefighters were called upon to deal with around 100 incidents. Another topic was the association's year 2021, when the fire department will celebrate its 150th anniversary.

Mayor robert hummer emphasized that the fire department needs plan will continue to be implemented in the municipality of altenkunstadt. Now that the fire station and the vehicle in maineck and at the burkheim fire station have been completed, the parking space at the baiersdorf fire station has been finished and the purchase of the vehicle has been commissioned. In woffendorf, the fire station building was demolished, while in strossendorf, a plot of land was purchased so that the fire department can plan for the new fire station.

Change of leadership at the left: female dual leadership to come?

After more than eight years with katja kipping and bernd riexinger at the helm, the left is facing a change in personnel.

The two party leaders announced one after the other on friday evening and saturday that they would not run for another term in office. At their party congress in erfurt on 30. October to 1. November the left must now reposition itself.

Back to the 'home at the stove': dgb warns against a return to the wrong image of women

"Equal rights are enshrined in the constitution", said DGB vice-chairwoman elke hannack to the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. "This should also be remembered by those who now want to start a new debate on conservatism", said hannack, who is also vice chairwoman of the christian democratic labor union.

"A new conservatism – what is that??", according to hannack. "A return to the home at the stove and the man as sole breadwinner – this role model has long since ceased to be viable." Women and men wanted to live a self-determined life and be able to better combine work and family life.

Schulz's proposal for the election of the head of the spd meets with skepticism

The idea of having the SPD chairman elected directly by party members in the future is by no means a foregone conclusion, according to faction leader andrea nahles.

"All this is still undecided. It is an offer of discussion. I think that’s important and right, too," nahles said in berlin. Many members wished that.