New building the newly built district court in habfurt was built according to a design by the architectural office nieto sobejano. The internationally active firm founded by the spanish architects fuensanta nieto and enrique sobejano has won numerous awards and is considered one of the most important architectural firms of the present day.

In view of so much prestige, can there be two opinions about the new district court?? Yes, it can. The new building of the district court is "an urban development gain" for habfurt, says justice minister winfried bausback, for example. But what does the internet community say? We have asked on our facebook page and received a number of comments. Excerpts are printed anonymously in the following in loose order. Those who want to follow the whole process on the internet can do so on our facebook page.

Selfies in a place where people were shot and killed? "Maybe it sounds strange, but in the 21. In the 21st century, it’s okay to take a selfie," says a young tourist from hungary. "I wouldn’t say it’s inhospitable," agrees a friend of his.

The two stand at berlin’s east side gallery, the longest remaining part of the wall that fell 30 years ago. Smartphones, selfie sticks, cameras as far as the eye can see. Millions of visitors flock here every year, the east side gallery is a hot spot for trips to germany and visits to berlin. Almost 30 years ago, artists painted the east side of the wall. After the fall of the berlin wall, the building on the spree took on a new meaning. The visitors from hungary were well informed before their trip to berlin and also visited other historical sites, such as the memorial at bernauer strabe. Selfies are just part of it for her.

Coburg gmd candidate moritz gnann: seeking dialogue with the public

The concert weekend at the landestheater offers a reunion with coburg for the young conductor moritz gnann. The 37-year-old is one of three GMD candidates vying to succeed roland kluttig as general music director. For half a season, gnann was already acting first conductor at the landestheater in the 2012/2013 season, after a change of personnel at short notice. Since then, he has gained diverse experience with a number of renowned orchestras. At the symphony concert on sunday and monday, he conducts works by martinu, stravinsky and mendelssohn. He will also conduct the concertino on saturday.

How do you experience your reunion with the philharmonic orchestra after seven years??

kulturbunt has been active in hammelburg for 15 years

The members' meeting took up the theme of the very first event, which was spine-chillingly cold and featured the silent film "nosferatu with piano accompaniment was shown. It was cold in the rathauskeller this time as well, but all the visitors quickly warmed up as they watched the review presented by martina bay and gudrun lienert, who pointed out the highlights of the last few years.

Great cabaret artists like z.B. Urban priol, volker pispers, sigi zimmerschied, hans-gunther HG butzko, claus von wagner were in hammelburg before they started on the very rough stages. Rough events with gondola rides on the local pond at the italian night or kites and fireworks at the chinese (city) wall, small montmartre with art market were highlights at kulturbunt. Not to forget the project "cinema in special places", in the hairdressing salon, in the car repair shop, in the garderie or in the raiffeisenbank, for example, the appropriate film could be enjoyed with the appropriate food.

Mainfrankisches fotofestival: jens ritschel in the lead

"The early bird catches the worm", says a proverb. The idea is that those who get up early get more out of the day and are more successful than others who want to sleep in first. The proverb definitely applies to jens ritschel. He is more often on the way "before the sun rises". The habfurter does not hunt for a worm, as the bird does, but for a sparing image. As a hobby photographer, ritschel uses the morning hours to have the best possible conditions for taking pictures in the landscape. "The best light is in the early morning and in the evening", says the 49-year-old, and his success proves him right.

Twofold competition
Jens Ritschel, who has been a member of the zeil photo club for several years, was extremely successful in a photo competition at the lower franconian level. He won prizes at the mainfranken photo festival of the DVF (german association for photography) in lower franconia. As the photo club explains, this is a twofold competition.

Niklas schmitt now that summer is just around the corner, it’s a good thing that the old outdoor pool in herzogenaurach has also opened its doors for the whole day. After the corona-induced shutdown, there has been no action in the baths since the 8. June again operation. New specifications of the 6. Bavarian infectious disease control ordinance allows further relaxations since yesterday.

"The decisive factor was that the space requirement was reduced", says patrick geiger, head of herzogenaurach bader. Whereas previously a flat of 20 square meters per person was estimated, from now on this will be halved. That means, twice as many guests were allowed into the bath, concretely: 1050 instead of only 525.

Basf moves to the us with plant genetic engineering

Because the big money is expected to come mainly from the other side of the atlantic, the company is moving the headquarters of its subsidiary for so-called green genetic engineering from limburgerhof near ludwigshafen to the usa. In large parts of europe, there is still a lack of acceptance for plant biotechnology among the majority of consumers, farmers and politicians, the company announced on monday. BASF has repeatedly come under fire for its genetically modified potato "amflora. The decision affects around 200 jobs in rhineland-palatinate and saxony-anhalt.

The federal government would not comment on the move. It is a business decision, said a spokeswoman for the ministry of economics. The ministry of consumer protection also refused to take a stand. For rhineland-palatinate’s environment minister ulrike hofken (grune), the planned transfer is the result of the lack of success of genetically modified products. Consumers in germany and europe reject genetically modified food and animal feed.

Forchheimer volunteers to help in the philippines

Many people in germany were shocked by the effects of the typhoon that swept over the philippines a few weeks ago. What can be done to support the people concerned?? Donations alone were not enough for michael marks from forchheim. He quickly packed his bags on 17. November his suitcases and traveled to the island of boracay on his own initiative.

The obi employee has a special love for the philippines. This year he was already twice on the island – in january with his girlfriend carola and in may with his daughters. "I have grown very fond of the people", he reports via skype. "All international relief goods are brought to the crisis area of tacloban", explains the 43-year-old.

New appointments after christian schedel left the city council and bernd kraub (both CSU) succeeded him, most of the committees had to be reappointed. Kraub is a member of the works committee and second deputy on the main, building and urban development committee. Robert gack (CSU) now sits on the audit committee, and frank rubner is now a deputy member of the main committee. Publication sebastian muller from the mayor's office introduced the new city hall journal. This will be from the 25. October quarterly, 11,000 copies are distributed to all households in the city and provide information about the decisions of the city council and the city administration. Internet frank rubner (CSU) recalled a motion by his parliamentary group well over a year ago to create a WLAN hotspot in the city center. "But nothing happened!", he argued. Mayor hugerich referred to a decision made by the city council in the second half of the 2000s to designate locations for mobile radio masts only in consultation with the mobile radio initiative. There is also an expert opinion. This answer infuriated rubner: "at that time, people were still of the opinion that cell phone radiation grills people's brains. WLAN radiation is much lower than mobile radio radiation was twelve years ago. For me, this statement is pulled out of the hair!" Crossing aid for cyclists will make it easier in the future to cross state road 2203 between the city and the district of mistelfeld in the area of robert-koch-strabe. City builder pulz announced the construction of an illuminated crossing aid for this year. Demolition of old building in kirch-/mauergasse has begun. From the 15. October the church alley will be closed to traffic for two weeks due to the mabnahme according to hochbaumeister ulrich sunkel. 

What do frankens hobby chefs cook when they want to make a particularly festive meal?? The district of lower franconia and the kauzen-brau are now pursuing this question in a joint campaign. Are there recipes that are passed down from generation to generation in french families? What are the traditional dishes: roast crust, duck breast, or perhaps the legendary wedding dinner??

It's time to remember our traditional cuisine again, emphasized district president erwin dotzel at the start of the culinary campaign. "In lower franconia in particular, it has been known since time immemorial that the enjoyment of good-tasting food and the corresponding drinks are good for the body and the soul", according to dotzel. No wedding, no christening, no confirmation without a sumptuously prepared menu. No christmas celebration, no anniversary, no anniversary without the triad of soup, main course and dessert.