At a small ceremony on tuesday, the playground in stetten was put under the blessing of god by catholic pastor hans-werner alt and evangelical pastor anne salzbrenner after a thorough and very successful redesign by the city with the rough participation of the population, especially the children of course.

Due to a request from several stetten women, it was already on 10. On november 2016, the mayor andreas hugerich and his staff came to an initial site meeting to assess the condition of the square at that time and to discuss possible improvements with the population and, above all, with the main people, the children. These were put into practice in many ways, so that the site, which is located on the edge of the village but not out of the way, now proves to be an ornament in terms of its location, its playground equipment and its other facilities.

Because he was driving his car under the influence of alcohol, police officers in kulmbach compulsorily stopped the shopping trip of a 54-year-old man from the kulmbach district on saturday morning. The driver can now expect a fine and a driving ban.

Initial suspicions confirmed

Shortly before eight o'clock in the morning, a civilian patrol of the kulmbach police checked the opel driver in albert-ruckdeschel-strabe. The officers smelled of alcohol. A first test quickly confirmed the initial suspicion – the man had more than one per mille of alcohol in him.
He had to leave his car in a supermarket parking lot and accompany the officers to the police station. The policemen kept the dog for the time being. An alcohol test that could be used in court during the inspection finally revealed an alcohol level of 1.06 per mille. Thus, the man was just below the limit of absolute impaired driving, which is why he escaped criminal proceedings.

The domizilium group of companies is still planning to build a new senior center with inpatient and day-care facilities as well as assisted living in wurzburger strabe in hammelburg. On request, the group of companies informed us that they were currently waiting for an answer to the preliminary building application from the district office of bad kissingen. The city council had approved the plans on the condition, among other things, that the two buildings would have no more than three stories above ground.

"The conditions we’ve been given so far mean we have to reschedule, but it’s doable", the group summarizes the current status, and: "an economically viable realization of the project is still possible, so we would like to continue working on the project."

Protest movement in Bahrain uses formula-1 for publicity

On the previous days, there had been violent confrontations between demonstrators and the police. According to the opposition, at least one person had been shot in the process. His body was found on a house roof on saturday.

King hamad bin issa al-chalifa tried to smooth the waters on sunday with promises of reforms. "I would like to emphasize my personal commitment to reform and reconciliation in our great country," the monarch said. "The door is always open for a serious dialogue with all our people."